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Shear Genius: 1940′s Hair

March 03, 2010 09:38 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo, the seven remaining contestants continue to battle it out as they get one step closer to the grand prize. With some surprise twists thrown at them, which contestants will have what it takes to make the cut above the rest? And who will be cut this week? Keep reading for all the details!

For their short cut challenge tonight on Shear Genius on Bravo, the contestants are greeted not only by Camila, but also by Moulay Yacoubi, master stylist and expert of the dry cut technique. The contestants are put to the dry cut hair challenge tonight when they are asked to give their models, a straight, graduated bob…easy enough right? Well, they thought so until their models came out with long, curly, frizzy hair…this is going to be one tough challenge for the hair stylists.

While most of the contestants did fairly well, Brig could not stop cutting and cutting. She insisted on coloring and even brought the electric razor to her model’s hair. Moulay even thought she butchered her model’s hair and I have to agree with him there. April also did not do what was asked of her as she had left curls in her model’s hair. When Moulay confronted her about it, she went off on a rant to him that she hates bobs and would send a client elsewhere for one…..wow, that’s great customer service there.


The top two in the short hair challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo were Janine and Matthew, which irritated Brig to no end. This girl is already grating on my last nerve…her comedy about her “red” hair was not funny in the least. While Moulay loved both of Janine and Matthew’s hairstyles, he deemed Janine the winner of the challenge, allowing her to have first choice of models in the next challenge. Remember, Brian also has immunity in the next challenge after his win last week.

Now it was time for their elimination challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo and Camila brought out a group of millitary wives in which the stylists would give a 1940′s pinup hairstyle to, and then the models would be sent to have their makeup and fashion done in 1940′s style. The millitary wives would be sending a photo and video once they were dressed up as 1940′s pinup models to their husbands who are serving oversees. Janine got to choose her model and the remaining contestants each chose a photo of their army husband and matched them with their wives.


Janine who did so well in the first challenge, completely blew this challenge and ended up just throwing her model’s hair up, while Matthew pulled off a perfect 1940′s pinup look as did Brig. Brian let us down also, probably because he knew he was safe, but it was still disappointing none the less. Amy barely did anything with her model and when she was done it looked more like it was waiting to finished with half curls and roots showing. April had a gorgeous model with even more gorgeous hair and she also dropped the ball with a lazy style. Jon’s style was ok but not stand out gorgeous.

Matthew and Brig were the top two in this challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo, and Janine, Amy and April were in the bottom three. Brig was deemed the winner this week by the judges which just thrilled her. Janine was sent to safety and that left us with Amy and April, who stood their nervously as they waited the results. Ultimately, it was Amy who be going home this week and would not be Shear Genius.

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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