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Project Runway: Hardware Design

March 04, 2010 09:58 PM by Lisa Princ


With only 10 contestants remaining on Project Runway on Lifetime, the challenges are getting harder and harder, literally. In one of their toughest challenges yet, which contestants will have what it takes to overcome this week’s obstacle? And who will break under the pressure? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details!

Tonight on a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime, we have only ten contestants remaining. Heidi Klum greets them and then sends them over to meet with Tim and Michael who give them the details of their challenge this week. This week our contestants must create a hardware design, literally with materials from the hardware store! They must also create an accessory to accompany their design also made from materials found at the hardware store.

With only $150 to spend on their materials for their hardware design, the contestants scramble to find anything can be transformed into fashion. While most of the contestants are looking to design a dress from metals, Emilio decides to be different and stock up on washers and wire. Unfortunately for him, when he gets to the register he realizes he only has enough money for about half of his materials, so he has to leave the other half in the store…hope this doesn’t come back to bite him!


After their hardware shopping, the designers head back to Parson’s on Project Runway on Lifetime to get started on their hardware designs. Anthony gets frustrated as the sewing machine will not cooperate with his materials….who would have guessed? Mila and Maya seem to be moving along smoothly, as Mila creates a black and white dress made out of paint trays and accessorizes with some neat little tags. Maya creates a dress covered by a wire jacket which is quite nice, but the real story for her is her necklace made out of keys…by far the best fashion accessory of the evening.

Project Runway continues as Amy uses sandpaper to create her hardware design….her adorable dress hardly looks like sandpaper when she is finished. And the girls are on a fashion roll tonight….not so lucky for the guys. Anthony struggled alot to get his hardware to look soft and feminine, and while it worked, I think it worked too well. Meanwhile Ben, Seth and Jonathan all seem to have their metal dresses under control, that is not the case for Jesse or Emilio.

Jesse cannot seem to figure out how to make his skirt after he realizes the “mesh” he bought for it is sticky on one side. Emilio struggles as he does not have enough hardware for his design and ends up making a bathing suit…yikes! Jay on the other hand has gone away from dresses and decided to go with a pants jumpsuit made entirely out of garbage bags. Despite a minor sizing error which he manages to correct, his hardware design is absolutely gorgeous and does not look like garbage bags at all…this guy really has a fashion sense!


As the runway show comes to a close on Project Runway on Lifetime, you can hear the judges jaws dropping as Emilio’s model comes out. She looked like a cheap vegas girl, and I can guarantee he will be in the bottom tonight. Then Heidi Klum calls out Seth (who had immunity), Jonathan, Ben and Amy are all safe. That left Emilio, Jesse, Maya, Mila, Jay and Anthony pondering which one of them was going home.

After the judges deliberation on Project Runway on Lifetime, Heidi Klum declared Jay and he is incredible garbage bag hardware design the winner of this week’s challenge, and then she let Maya & Mila know that they were both great designs and were safe. Anthony, Jesse and Emilio were the bottom three, but Heidi Klum quickly sent Anthony to safety. With only Jesse and Emilio left, Jesse was going home per the judges. Best of Luck to Jesse, I am disappointed as I thought Emilio’s fashion disaster should have sent him home this week.

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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