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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Hunt For The Idol

March 04, 2010 10:17 PM by Ryan Haidet


It was an emotional night for Coach on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains as tears streamed down his face in response to the way Sandra spoke about him at Tribal Council.  He was so frustrated, that the Dragonslayer even expressed an interest in quitting, but Tyson worked to keep him motivated.  That was an interesting start to an episode filled with two challenges and a shocking elimination.

Slippery Contest


A challenge we first saw during Survivor: Fiji, the teams squared off in a race down a giant Slip ‘N Slide.  They had to grab a numbered ball off the course and toss it into a basket at the end.  The first team to get four points would win Reward.  And it was a close contest.  After tying it up 3 to 3, Tyson beat Colby and the Villains took victory.


The Hunt Is On

Back at camp, Coach was in a much better mood after winning the Reward Challenge, but there was an added twist to winning — inside one of the knives they won was a note.  It was a coveted clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.  But this crew had an interesting perspective on the Idol — nobody wanted to look for it.  In fact, Sandra said the person who finds it is marked and would be immediately targeted.  But that didn’t matter to Russell.  He re-read the clue and rushed off to find it, which Sandra saw him doing.  “He’s a stupid ass,” Sandra said as she squatted and watched him.  “Russell sealed his own fate.”


Even Boston Rob was upset with Russell over the situation.  “He’s like the Hobbit on crack,” Boston Rob said.

Day 10 at the Heroes camp, they also found a clue for the hidden Idol inside their canister of coffee, which they had won at the last Reward Challenge.  What a different story at this camp.  Everybody wanted the Idol — especially Tom and Colby.  And as several people were digging in the same spot, Tom found the Idol and tucked it away in his sock.  But Amanda noticed and told everybody he had it in his possession.



In the challenge we saw last season in Samoa — the one where Russell Swan was medically evacuated from — one player from each team was strapped inside a ball with a pair of blindfolded players pushing them along a course by simply following their calls.  At the end of the course, four blindfolded players had to get a ball through a table maze.  Boston Rob quickly took control and led the Villains to victory once again.


Back at camp, Tom apologized to his tribe for losing the challenge.  He was worried that he and Colby were targets at Tribal Council.  With Tom’s Idol, Candice and Cirie thought it was a good idea to split the votes between he and Colby — that way if the Idol is played one of them would be sent packing.

But it wasn’t that simple.  Tom pulled JT and Amanda aside in an effort to cut a deal.  Tom swore he would play the Idol honorably — even offering to give it to one of them.  What?!?!  Who are these people?  So much for being the most-seasoned players.

Moments later, James joined in their discussion and everybody made a temporary agreement to target Candice.  But Amanda’s big mouth kept on running as she rushed to Cirie and told her the new plan.  And Cirie was not happy about changing the plan.  As she was expressing her feelings publicly, JT caught wind and told Tom what she was saying.


That’s when another new plan hatched and Tom pitched asked JT to join he and Colby in a vote.  Then he would play his Idol.

Tricky Strategies

At Tribal Council, alliances were discussed and Colby said it seemed a power player would be the next to go.  JT said the vote was simple — stick with somebody who won’t get scared.  Then Rupert said his goal was to figure out how to stick together and keep the tribe cohesive so they can win more challenges.  But when host Jeff Probst asked more questions, Rupert said he would rather stick to promises he had made earlier on in the game than keep strong people.  Probst was stunned.  “What part of that makes sense?” he asked Rupert.  He said keeping their word has brought them to Tribal Council every time.

After the Tribal chatter, everybody voted.  When Probst returned with the voting urn, Tom immediately rose to his feet and played the Immunity Idol.  Any votes against Tom were now useless and the player with the next-highest amount of votes would be eliminated.

The tally landed three now-null votes against Tom, two for Colby and three for Cirie.  With that, JT’s decision to switch alliances sent Cirie off the island.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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