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Supernanny: Interview With Jo Frost

March 05, 2010 05:37 AM by Christine McDow


Our wonderful partner site, SheKnows.com, recently got a chance to sit down and interview the Supernanny, Jo Frost.  Every Friday night the Supernanny sweeps into a new home through your television and brings you the reality of everyday families along with their trials and tribulations.  She deals with bad attitudes from both parents and kids, bedtime problems and getting kids to clean up their own messes.  In our interview with her she even talks about how to deal with bullies.  Whether you are a parent or you simply love the reality TV show, Supernanny, this is an interview you will want to read!

(For part one of the interview click here)

Getting kids to clean their rooms
What about chores? How can you get your children to help more around the house, including cleaning their room? “Start young,” she recommends. “Whether you call it chores or projects, have them do simple projects and progress to more responsibility as they get older.”

“Don’t feel like you have to give allowance or monetary reward for them helping around the house,” she explains. For those parents who feel like they must provide money, a toy or candy for good behavior, Jo simply states: “Your time is the best way to reward good behavior.”

Check out her Supernanny reward charts. These printable charts are a great way to reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior, such as whining or back talk.

Dealing with bullies
Many parents have found their child upset and crying over a bully at school. What should parents do? “It is important to not overreact,” Jo says. “Sit down with your child and find out what is going on, saying something like, ‘Tell mummy what happened.’”

After you hear exactly what happened, explain to them what constitutes bullying behavior. “I have a zero tolerance approach to bullying,” she says. She definitely recommends getting the school involved.

Get more tips here on stopping your child from being bullied.

When discipline styles differ
What do you do when one parent or the grandparents believe in a parenting style you disagree with, such as spanking? “Spanking is such an old school way of thinking. You may hear them say, ‘This is how I was raised so this is how we will do it.’ We now know that spanking children teaches aggression or that hitting is acceptable,” she says. “It is important you have the discussion on parenting techniques before you have children and keep communicating. Parents need to be on the same page — when they are it’s a wonderful thing!”

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