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Supernanny: Johnson Family

March 05, 2010 08:04 PM by Lisa Princ


Supernanny is back and all new tonight on ABC where Jo Frost travels to Marietta, GA to help a young couple and their 3 young boys. Roy and Kate are struggling to run a business and raise three children but the communication is lacking between them. Will Supernanny be able to help this family before it spirals out of control? Keep reading for all the details!

Supernanny arrives at the home of Roy and Kate Johnson tonight on ABC where she is greeted by Kate and her three boys, ages 1, 3, and 4. Roy is working at the coffee shop which they own and Kate is the stay at home mom who also has to run the backend of their business while taking care of the boys. Jo Frost is shocked by the lack of discipline in place for these children as Kate just seems to let them get away with their horrible behavior. When she becomes frustrated, Kate takes the kids to the coffee shop where they continue to run around without any discipline, despite the fact that their coffee shop has a kids play area. What kind of example are these owners setting for their customers by allowing their own kids to run around and behave like this?

As they sit down for their meeting with Supernanny on ABC Roy is confident that Jo Frost will see Kate as he sees her and even tells Kate that she should be worried. This guy thinks it is a piece of cake to run a business from home while taking care of three small children. Jo reiterates to the Johnson family the importance of discipline and while they seem to agree, the real test will come when they actually have to implement it. Roy and Kate each get a chance to try it out and Supernanny is shocked at how well both of them implemented it with their children…but will they keep it up?

Later on Supernanny on ABC, Kate is having a breakdown over the way Roy treats her and feels she does not get supported by him, that he only puts her down. Using Jo’s advice to stand up for herself and tell him how she feels, she gets a half hearted apology from Roy. Annoyed by this, Jo has steps in and then Roy and Kate have a heartfelt talk with a meaningful apology. Jo Frost reiterates the importance of good communication for these two, especially since they are not only raising these three children, but also a business together.


Next on Supernanny on ABC, Jo Frost shows the Johnson Family how to use their timeouts while at the coffee shop. She gives them a large, red “x” mat to place on a spot on the floor where the boys will placed if they misbehave. She then makes a large red line by the kitchen of the shop, so the boys know that they are not to cross it which they ignore right away. In turn this causes Roy and Kate to utilize the time out marker that Jo has given them and it works like a charm! Kate even said she is going to keep it there so that her customers may use it as well…now they have the right idea!

Jo Frosts heads off for a few days, leaving the Johnson Family on their own so she may evaluate their new found skills upon her return. They seem to be really putting an effort forth, but when Supernanny returns, she is not all that pleased. She finds that Roy had extremely hard time keeping the boys under control at the coffee shop, one of them had even gone as far as to throw a toy at another child. Discipline at home was lacking as well, so once again Jo went over everything, especially the lack of eye contact between Kate and the boys during their warnings. Roy and Kate finally had it down at this point.

Supernanny was not done yet, however. She had one more task for the Johnson Family…..learning to have fun and spend some quality family time together. First, Jo Frost showed them how to get in and really play with the boys, making their time together alot more fun. Then, she showed them how to enjoy a fun picnic dinner at the coffee shop….by keeping the boys interested and having fun, as well as using the timeouts properly, they noticed a difference in their behavior for the better. Another successful ending for Supernanny, and a happy ending for the Johnson Family!

Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Supernanny on ABC.

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