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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Cirie Says Goodbye

March 05, 2010 10:37 PM by Ryan Haidet


Fan-favorite Cirie Fields was taken out on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains after Tom played a hidden Immunity Idol.  Of the three times she has competed including seasons 12 and 16, this is the first time Cirie didn’t at least make it to the final four.  In a conference call with reporters, Cirie talked about the moment she was voted off, her lack of a bond with Amanda this season and also shed light on the true villainous personalities that she says some of the Heroes possess.

Question: Were you surprised about getting voted off?

Cirie Fields:  Not too shocked.  We had a plan in place — JT told us he was going to tell Tom to play the Idol so we could get that out and hopefully get Colby out.  I was always a little leery of JT, as well was him of me.  I knew there was a 50-50 chance things would go as planned or Tom could finally get through to JT as he had been trying all day, and JT could flip.


Question: At Tribal Council, why didn’t Jeff ask if anybody wanted to play an Idol?

Cirie: It was so funny being there when that happened because we all knew Tom was going to play the Idol.  It was almost like he couldn’t wait.  The anticipation was killing him.  To see him stand up — they didn’t even show it fully — he stood up and put his hand out like “Stop!  Wait a minute, Jeff.”  It was so dramatic.


Question: When you voted off Stephenie, why didn’t you and Candice join forces with Tom and Colby?

Cirie: I had been trying to side with Tom, Colby and Stephenie from Day 1.  Stephenie was OK with it, but Tom and Colby weren’t.  After so many attempts of trying, trying and trying to align with Tom — who we felt was the leader of that alliance — and getting the cold shoulder, it kind of fell flat for me to be an offered an alliance now that you’ve realized that you can’t trust JT.  When you were in power, you didn’t want to align with me, now that you’re scrambling, now I’m OK.  Knowing you wanted me gone from Day 1, I would feel really really uncomfortable aligning with you at this point — and that’s what happened.  I really wanted Stephenie to stay.  I grew to like her a lot.  But at that time, I didn’t feel comfortable either way.

Question: Why is there such a tension at Heroes?

Cirie: Too many strong personalities.  Too many Heroes.  Too many people that think of themselves as Heroes.  They discount others, and you can’t discount anyone in this game.  Every person — big, small, good at challenges, not good at challenges, physically fit, not physically fit, mentally strong, not mentally strong — every person is a vote and every vote is value.  And if they don’t value every vote and try to build on that, then it’s just all going to crumble.  And it has been from Day 1.


Question: What did you think of the concept of Heroes Vs. Villains?

Cirie: I think titles are problematic because for the Heroes — being deemed Heroes — we already had the alpha guys and a lot of good players.  Then to add to all of that, the title of “Hero,” oh my God, it skyrocketed the egos and you can only fit maybe two Hero egos on one beach.  But when you add up eight Hero egos on one beach, it’s a plan for disaster.

Question: Did you have any alliances going into the game?

Cirie: I wish I did.  No, you know why?  1 — I don’t stay in contact with anybody.  2 — I never thought I would have another opportunity to play this game so soon.  3 — I would be afraid to try to form an alliance.  When I got the call, you’re not allowed to confirm nor deny anything.  With me, I’m always afraid if I was to violate any of that, I would lose my spot.  I don’t know if anyone is willing to give up an opportunity like this and form an outside alliance or alliance pre-game.


Question: Who surprised you the most out there?

Cirie: I was surprised in one way about Stephenie.  I didn’t think I would like her.  I was pleasantly surprised that we got along really well, and I really like her.  Candice as well.  I didn’t know that I would really like her and find out how smart she is.  I was also surprised about Rupert and James, because I had — just like everyone — I had these ideas of who they were, and then when you spend time with them on a regular basis and they don’t turn out to be all they’re cracked up to be on TV, it’s like wow.  Hmmmmmm.  Surprising.

Question: What would be surprising to viewers?

Cirie: I don’t think you’ve seen the true characters of some of the favorites on the Heroes’ tribe.  I’m just going to leave it at that.


Question: Is James a bully?

Cirie: I wouldn’t say that James is mean.  I just think that we’ve only gotten to see a part of James from his two other experiences.  We’ve only seen all the good — but no one is all good, and no one is all bad.  Besides Russell.  I think people got to see another side of James. …  I’m not saying James is a bully or a bad person, I just think he went about it the wrong way.  And he couldn’t find the words to express how he was feeling.

Question: Did you think anybody else would be different?

Cirie: I kind of had a different idea of who Rupert was.  I know it’s tough out there.  I know you’re against the elements, and you’re with people you don’t know.  It’s real uncomfortable.  But you form opinions from watching these people on TV.  And my mother always said you don’t know a person until you live with them.  I found that true.


Question: What was your relationship with Amanda like this season?

Cirie: Amanda and I didn’t really have a relationship.  After Micronesia was over, I never spoke to Amanda again.  So seeing her there brought up some old questions in my mind, but it’s a new game.  I’m willing to start this over.  I did find Amanda different than in Micronesia because I thought she was smarter — or a better strategist or something.  I often question if Parvati was the buffer for us because in Micronesia it was always Parvati, Amanda and Cirie.  As opposed to this time it was just Amanda and I, and I questioned a lot of her decisions.  I really felt like I didn’t know her at all this time.


Question: Could you see yourself having trusted her in an alliance this time?

Cirie: Oh, absolutely I would trust Amanda in an alliance — as far as I can throw her.  Hahaha.

Question: Do you regret not voting against Candice?

Cirie: No, not really.  Had I voted Candice out, not only would I be alone, but I’d be alone with a majority of the people who wanted me gone from Day 1.  The second that we would lose a challenge, who do you think they’d send home?


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