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Dancing With The Stars: Tony Dovolani Dishes On Partner, Kate Gosselin

March 06, 2010 10:30 AM by Nancy Floyd


Rehearsals for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars are barely underway, but dance pro Tony Dovolani has already formed an opinion about his celebrity partner, Kate Gosselin: ”She’s definitely not the best dancer,” he says. Ouch! Despite Gosselin’s claims that she’s going to win the ABC dance competition, Tony believes they have a looooong way to go. Fortunately, he feels confident in his own abilities to teach Gosselin how to dance…

Tony Dovolani may not have been Kate Gosselin’s first choice for partner on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, but the two seem to be getting off to a decent start. Although, Dovolani says of Gosselin,”She’s definitely not the best dancer,” he has found a few things to love about the Jon & Kate plus 8 star. ”She’s never taken a step of dancing in her life, but she’s very hard-working. She’s willing to try everything. So, for me, it’s like I have an empty canvas that I can create a masterpiece. It’s a great opportunity to show America what I’m capable of – which is teaching somebody who has never danced before.”

This season of Dancing With the Stars is shaping up to be one fierce competition. ”We have some serious front runners,” Dovolani told Us magazine. “I told her right from the start, ‘Kate, this is not going to be easy.’ She’s ready for it.” Among Dovolani’s concerns? Olympic gold medalist, figure skater Evan Lysacek!

Gosselin and Dovolani have been rehearsing together for about a week and will continue to do so in makeshift dance studio in Gosselin’s basement! The Jon & Kate plus 8 star wants to be at home as much as possible to tend to her eight children. Despite the possibility of major distraction, Dovolani is confident that Gosselin could turn into a great dancer. ”I think she’s going to do incredible,” the Dancing With the Stars pro says. ”I’ve never seen anybody be as driven as she is. When she comes in, whether it’s five hours or six hours of rehearsal, it’s pretty intense the entire time. It’s about learning and learning and learning.”

Even though she lacks the dance background or skills right now, Dovolani thinks Gosselin’s sheer determination could make her a front-runner on this season of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. ”I always think I have a shot,” he says. ”There’s never a season I enter and I don’t think I have a shot. I approach everybody the same. If they are willing, it’s possible. The most talented people in the world normally don’t win and they’re the hardest workers.”

The tenth season of Dancing With the Stars returns to ABC on March 22nd.

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