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Amazing Race: Beer & Bungee Jumping in Germany

March 07, 2010 09:23 PM by Nancy Floyd


The eight remaining teams on CBS’ The Amazing Race are leaving Argentina behind and heading to Germany. Big Brother contestants Jeff & Jordan struggle tonight in a leg of the race that involves soccer, sauerkraut, bungee jumping, and beer drinking. Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race…

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race begins in Patagonia, Argentina. Being the first to arrive during the last leg of the race, Jet & Cord are the first to depart tonight. The next stop? Hamburg, Germany! The teams will fly 8,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany then be required to catch a train to Hamburg. Jet & Cord discover that the earliest flight isn’t until 11am the next morning, putting all eight teams into Germany at roughly the same time.

Brent & Caite are grateful to be on an even playing field with all of the other teams again, Carol & Brandy’s word of the day is “respectful” after their mutual meltdowns last week, and Dan & Jordan reflect on how much Jordan hates to travel. Um, maybe The Amazing Race wasn’t the best reality show to come on.

The teams are divided on three different flights into Germany. The first flight to arrive carries Cowboys Jet & Cord and Detectives Louie & Michael. It’s only a few minutes before Carol & Brandy and Dan & Jordan land in Frankfurt, giving them only three minutes to catch the same train the Cowboys and Detectives are on. After sprinting through the airport and struggling to read the signs, they just barely miss it. We’re barely into the episode and Carol & Brandy are already experiencing another meltdown. That’s record time! The remaining four teams arrive in Frankfurt and catch a later train, but at this point it’s still anyone’s game.


The Cowboys and Detectives reach Hamburg to find their next clue. It’s time for an Intersection. In this particular challenge, one member from each team must partner with a member of a different team to participate in a 150-foot bungee jump in the middle of the city. Michael and Jet will be participating together since they’re the first two teams to arrive. As they head to the Intersection, the other teams begin arriving in Hamburg. Joe decides to compete  with Allie for the intersection while Brandy & Dan decide to partner up. Since Brent & Caite and Jeff & Jordan have formed an alliance, the girls decide to participate together for the challenge. Naturally, it only takes about five seconds for these two geniuses to make a mistake. They jump on a train heading in the wrong direction.

Jet & Michael are the first to arrive at the bungee jump where Jet refuses to remove his cowboy hat. Amazingly, the hat survives the 150-ft fall! I’m beginning to think the Cowboys have had those hats surgically attached to their bodies. Joe & Allie jump next with Dan & Brandy following closely behind. After completing the bungee jump, the next clue sends the teams in search of a statue of Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany’s first Emperor. The cowboys and detectives have taken the lead, with the other teams following closely behind. Meanwhile, Caite & Jordan finally figure out Germany’s complicated metro system and arrive at the jump in last place.

Louie & Michael are the first team to arrive at the statue and find a clue detailing tonight’s detour. The teams must choose between a soccer challenge (kicking soccer balls at five specific targets) or sauerkraut (eating an entire plate of sauerkraut before the band finishes the sauerkraut polka). I know what you’re thinking…There’s a sauerkraut polka!? Why have I never heard this before?! Louie & Michael are up for the sauerkraut challenge. My guess is that a couple of big guys like them will have no problem downing some food. The Detectives lick their plates clean well before the creepy German band has finished the polka. Next stop: Haifisch Bar to drink an obscene amount of beer. Eating and drinking beer? Tonight’s challenges seem to be tailor-made for these New York detectives.

Meanwhile, Jet & Cord, Joe & Heidi, and Steve and Allie are neck-and-neck arriving at the Detour. All three teams decide to compete in the soccer challenge. After getting changed in the locker room, the teams head to the field and begin kicking the soccer balls. Given the varying heights of the targets, this challenge is a bit more difficult than anyone intended for, especially Joe who is having knee troubles. Steve and Allie sail through the detour, but Joe & Heidi decide to switch to the sauerkraut challenge. At the bar, Louie & Michael chug their beer then head to Beatles-Platz, a monument to the Beatles to find tonight’s Pit Stop.


Dan & Jordan and Carol & Brandy decide to eat sauerkraut, while Jeff & Jordan are stuck in the backseat of a taxi seemingly headed to the middle of nowhere. Brent & Caite are clueless about where they are which results in a brief, but impressive, screaming match. Jeff & Jordan finally discover that their taxi driver is following his GPS system which is wrong. Actually, in the GPS system’s defense, it’s giving the proper direction. It’s just that the taxi driver typed the wrong address in. While Jeff & Jordan are driving aimlessly around Germany trying to get to the Detour, Louie & Michael arrive at the Pit Stop to meet The Amazing Race‘s host Phil Keoghan who tells them they’ve finished in first place.

Back at the bar, Steve is thrilled to be “forced” to drink a giant boot of beer. Meanwhile Jet & Cord are proving to be quite the little soccer prodigies, finishing the Detour in no time! Joe & Heidi consume their sauerkraut at impressive speed, as do Carol & Brandy, while Dan & Jordan hurry through the soccer challenge. A tipsy Steve & Allie arrive at the Pit Stop and are delighted to learn they’ve finished in second place. Jeff & Jordan finally arrive at the sauerkraut challenge, and Jordan is having a serious issue keeping her food down. They have more than half a plate left at the end of the polka so they don’t think twice about heading over to the soccer field instead. Caite is excited to show off her mad soccer skills at the Detour and she’s off to an impressive start until she pulls a muscle. Cue the emotional breakdown and annoying whimpering.

A lot of belching is involved when Joe & Heidi drink their beer, but they manage to finish it before heading to the Pit Stop and finishing in third. Jet & Cord complete theirs (thanks to Jet…since Cord has never had a beer before!!), with Carol & Brandy closely behind. Despite an excessive amount of moaning on Caite’s part, she and Brent manage to complete the soccer detour and make their way to the bar. Jeff & Jordan arrive at the soccer field in last place and are having a bit of trouble hitting the targets.


At the Pit Stop, Jet & Cord finish in fourth place, Carol & Brandy finish in fifth, and Dan & Jordan in sixth. Brent & Caite are working on their beer, but since Caite hates the taste of it, it’s all up to Brent. He manages to drink it but not without vomiting half of it up first. I sure am glad they caught all of that on camera! Thanks CBS. Meanwhile, Jeff & Jordan finally arrive at Haifisch bar but everyone is already gone. Like any loyal viewer of the The Amazing Race, this is the part of the show where I start yelling at the screen for Jeff & Jordan to hurry up! I’m not ready to depart with this adorable (albeit totally ditzy) couple! Jeff downs his beer in impressive time and they head to the Pit stop. Brent & Caite and Jeff & Jordan are wandering through the crowds searching for the Pit Stop, but Brent & Caite find it first and finish in seventh. Noooooooo!!! That means Jeff & Jordan arrive in last place, but fortunately for them (and all of America), this is a non-elimination leg of the race. They’ll be competing in The Amazing Race for at least one more week.

Tune in to CBS next Sunday for an all-new episode of The Amazing Race when the remaining eight teams head to France and reenact World War I.

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Photos Courtesy of CBS

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