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American Idol: Simon Cowell Discusses Engagement With Jay Leno

March 09, 2010 12:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


It seems an impossible feat to embarrass or fluster American Idol judge Simon Cowell, but Jay Leno seemed to do just that on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show. The topic for Cowell’s discomfort? His reported engagement to makeup artist, Mezhgan Hussainy. After squirming in his chair and admittedly blushing, Cowell (kind of) confirms the rumors that he plans to wed the American Idol makeup artist who has been his girlfriend for over a year…

On Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno cut right to the chase with American Idol judge Simon Cowell. After Leno directly asked Cowell if the engagement rumors were true, the American Idol judge replied cryptically, ”Are they true? Well, I do have somebody in my life now, Jay, yes. And I kinda made a decision this year to make somebody happy.”

As the crowd cheered wildly, Leno wasn’t ready to give up, pressing Simon Cowell for details on the massive diamond ring that girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy has been sporting on her left ring finger. All Cowell would say was, ”It’s quite a big one, yes.” Shortly after, Leno called Cowell out for turning red and the British American Idol judge replied, ”I am blushing.” Finally, after more questioning from the late-night host, Simon Cowell admitted, “No, look, I bought her the ring in London.”

Later in the interview, Jay Leno actually called Hussainy on stage to join Simon Cowell. The pair, who squeezed into one chair, looked adorable and quite comfortable with one another. When Leno pointed out that Hussainy is Cowell’s makeup artist, Cowell quipped, ”I always said if I was going to get engaged, I’d get engaged to a makeup artist.”

So does that mean a wedding is in the future? All Simon Cowell would say was that he wants to get married ”within the next 10 years.” And what about kids? The American Idol judge said, ”I’m kind of torn because I’m a bit too old to have kids, but then again I think it would be important to have a lot of me’s around in the future.”

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