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The Biggest Loser: Work Week

March 09, 2010 08:44 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC, the contestants are put to work this week. With their new time constraints leading to a lack of exercise, how will our contestants fare? Will anyone crack under the pressure and will the black team pull yet another upset this week? Keep reading for all the healthy details!

Yes it was back to work week this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC where the contestants would get a taste of life after they leave the ranch. This week, they would be working 8 hr shifts all week at the local food bank while trying to squeeze in exercise and healthy eating all the while. Ali Sweeny decided to let them complete their fitness challenge first though so they could focus the rest of their week on working and finding gym time with Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

For their fitness challenge this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, the contestants were to pull a 33k pound semi truck down a runway and collect puzzle pieces on the way there. Five team members were to pull the truck while one stayed aside to collect the puzzle pieces and toss them in the back of the truck. At the end of the road they would need to assemble their puzzle, with the winning team winning a year’s worth of free groceries. That was just what they all needed to help them continue their weight loss journey at home.

At the start of the challenge, it looked like the blue team was going to win by a mile, however Oneal began to struggle to keep up as he was the one picking up the puzzle pieces for the blue team. The black team finally picked up steam onThe Biggest Loser on NBC as Sam and the gals really started pushing themselves and they quickly caught up to the blue team. With Sherry picking the puzzle pieces up quickly for them, they almost pushed ahead for a second. The blue team was the first to the finish, but the black team was only seconds behind them making it neck in neck. Unfortunately for the black team, those few seconds did count as the blue team assembled their puzzle first, winning the fitness challenge and the groceries.


The contestants of The Biggest Loser on NBC really struggled to get through work week and fit in time for working out. Despite being unhappy about work week, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper worked the contestants as hard as they could this week with the small time frame they were given, but would the amount of exercise be enough? Let’s see how our contestants fared during work week at weigh in time despite their reduction in fitness this week:

The Blue Team:

Oneal from 316 to 311 (-5)
Michael from 417 to 408 (-9)
Lance from 300 to 290 (-10)
Daris from 267 to 258 (-9)
Koli from 316 to 306 (-10)
Sunshine from 232 to 225 (-7)

for a total weight loss of 50 lbs and 2.71%

The Black Team

Andrea from 250 to 243 (-7)
Cheryl from 187 to 182 (-5)
Sherry from 171 to 166 (-5)
Sam from 290 to 286 (-4)
Ashley from 301 to 293 (-8)
Stephanie from 213 to 210 (-3)

for a total weight loss of 32 lbs and 2.27%


This meant that the blue team won the weigh in for work week and the black team was up for elimination this week on The Biggest Loser on NBC. Being the last to weigh in on the black team, Sam was distraught that he only lost 3 lbs this week, but was quickly reassured by Jillian Michaels that it was strictly because he had already lost so much weight and now it was turning into muscle for him.

It was decision time for the black team and despite not wanting to send anyone home, they knew that had to choose. Sadly, it was Cheryl who got the most votes this week and not because they did not like her, but because they knew she did not have much more lose and she would be able to do it at home. Cheryl updated us that she is now weighing in at 166 lbs as opposed to the 220+ she weighed when she first came to the ranch and still keeping up her exercise routine. She also vowed to be 135 lbs by the finale, I can’t wait to see if she does it since she looks great now! Good Luck Cheryl, we will see you at the finale!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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Photos courtesy of: NBC

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