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American Idol 9 March 10 – Top Eight Guys Perform!

March 10, 2010 08:08 PM by Candace Young


American Idol 9 kicks off tonight’s show on FOX with Ryan Seacrest asking Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi why they sit so close together! Ryan introduces the top eight guys and the other judges, Ellen Degeneres and Randy Jackson, before quickly introducing the first performer of the night – Lee Dewyze!

Lee is singing the current hit Fireflies. He is wearing a simple plaid flannel shirt and jeans, and as usual, is accompanying himself on guitar. Randy notes there were some pitch problems, but he made it his own. Ellen liked that he made it ‘rock’, and she thought it was great. Kara remarks that he looks confident – she adds that he made the song a better song! Simon says there was nothing to rave about, but having said that, he thinks has a good chance of making the Top Twelve.

Alex Lambert is up next singing the tune Trouble. He too is accompanying himself on guitar, and is looking good in a suit jacket, white shirt and loose tie with jeans. His sound is soft with a great tone as usual. Randy thinks it was a good song choice for him, but wasn’t ‘wowed’. Ellen tells him he’s a mushy banana – he’s ripening and getting better and better! Kara says the only thing between Alex and winning, is Alex himself – he needs to let go. Simon agrees – they need to see him relax and have a good time – perhaps imagine Randy in a bikini or something!


With an acoustic version of Hallelujah, Tim Urban takes the stage third tonight on Idol. He looks good in a black shirt and jeans, and his voice sounds stronger than previous performances – it’s good! Randy thinks he did a pretty good job with the song! Ellen gets out of her seat, hugs Tim, and tells him it was fantastic! Kara thinks he’s in this now – it was an honest interpretation – he showed it. Simon says he feels responsible for him doing well tonight since he gave him a confidence boost. He says it was terrific, and the strongest performance he’s given so far!

Andrew Garcia will be doing a Christina Aguilera song tonight – Genie in a Bottle – on acoustic guitar. Dressed in a simple cardigan over a white tee, Andrew does a really neat version of the song – although it’s admittedly a little strange considering the lyrics. Randy likes his cardigan, and says the song choice was interesting, but it didn’t quite work. Ellen liked the end of the song the best. Kara says he was fighting with the rhythm of the guitar, it just wasn’t great. Simon calls it a little bit desperate – he maybe over thought it, and is still going backward.


Casey James is singing You’ll Think of Me by Keith Urban tonight on American Idol 9, as he fights for a spot in the Top Twelve. Perched on a stool in a white western shirt and jeans – hair back in a ponytail – Casey looks and sounds as delicious as ever! Randy thought it was a bit of a safe choice. Ellen thought it was great, and notes that he’s very comfortable sitting down with his guitar – she really liked it. Kara is getting back on the Casey train, but she’s missing that spark. She calls it a move in the right direction. Simon categorized it as his second best performance, noting that he sounded great.

Continuing the country vibe with I’m Already There by Lonestar, Aaron Kelly takes the stage. He seems to start out shaky for a moment, but it improves as he settles in. Aaron sounds pretty good, and finishes strong. Randy says he does great once in his power zone. Ellen loves him, but thought it was too much of a song for him. Kara says the song wasn’t relevant to his life. Simon says that’s rubbish – it’s a beautiful song, and was the right type of song. He says it wasn’t a great vocal, but it was a nice song.


Todrick Hall is in the spotlight now. He’ll sing Somebody to Love by Queen. Todrick is dressed in a black jacket and white pants, and has back up singers on stage with him. It’s a bit cheesy, but he finishes with a strong note. Randy says Todrick is back – he proved he can really sing. Ellen says he’s brave – she says he did a good job with the song. Kara agrees it was really good singing, but thought it was over dramatic in spots. Simon thinks it was good in parts – he’s told them tonight that he’s a Broadway singer – it may have saved him.

Big Mike Lynche is the last to sing tonight. His tune is This Woman’s World, and he is looking fab in a black suit and tie. His voice is smooth, silky R&B – he performs too – fantastic job! Randy says he’s gotta’ give it to him again – that’s crazy – it was hot! Ellen says he’s the one to beat now! Kara is crying – he was amazing! Simon hugs Kara, and says this was so needed tonight – he one hundred percent nailed it – the best performance they’ve seen live yet!


Tomorrow night on American Idol 9 four more hopefuls leave for home and the Top Twelve will be revealed!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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