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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Season Premiere

March 10, 2010 10:11 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on the cycle 14 season premiere of America’s Next Top Model, 32 semi-finalists competed for a chance to be Tyra Banks friend but only 13 made it into the America’s Next Top Model loft in New York City. The lucky finalists were shocked when special guest Perez Hilton revealed that their first challenge was to undergo makeovers!


The 32 semi-finalists headed off to LA and entered a room where they met Tyra Banks via video monitor on her Myfiercepage.com page.  Tyra had only 14 spots on her homepage for friends and the girls would have to earn their spot on the page in order to move on in the competition. Tyra introduced Miss J and Jay Manuel and then appeared in person for the girls! There was chaos everywhere in the room with one girl falling on the ground as if she had been touched by the Holy Spirit! The girls then met up with Jay Manuel and after their profile shoot they practiced their net walking with Miss Jay.

The first semi-finalist tonight to come in front of Tyra Banks, Miss J and Jay Manuel was Angelea who was a contestant on cycle 12. She said that she had really worked on herself with therapy since she left the show. Let’s hope so, she was over the top the first time she appeared. If she hasn’t toned herself down, there is sure to be drama in the house! Halle was up next and seemed like a spoiled brat, name dropping Cybill Shepherd as her god-mother. Another girl, Simone described herself as an over-achiever and Miss J said that she sounded like a valley girl. Raina said that she was not a pretty kid when she was little and since her senior year in high school she has broken out of her shell.

It was interesting to see that there were a number of model hopefuls this season who were young mothers. A few of the girls; Brenda and Jessica even admitted that they had gotten pregnant the very first time they had sexual intercourse. There are even a few plus sized hopefulsin the mix this season.

The funniest comment came from Krista who said that she is afraid to date a white man as she thinks she will envision their private parts as a piece of raw meat? Okay then!

At dinner, the girls had a chance to get to know each other, but Hallie and Danielle spent their time being catty and backstabbing everyone else in the room.

The first America’s Next Top Model elimination took place with 12 of the girls being declined. They had to approach a touch panel on their net screen and if they found the word “pending,” it meant that they were still in the running tonight.

The 20 remaining girls had a final chance tonight to move on in a challenge titled, “What supermodel are you?” Each of them had to build their hair and make-up style and approach Jay Manuel with who they would be representing as famous super models. Only one girl really stood out to me and that is probably because she painted a huge mole on her face to represent Cindy Crawford. The idea was to show it in your body language, not in clownish theatrics!

With the fierce page test complete, Jay Manuel told the women that their portfolio’s were finished and unfortunately only a select few would be moving on. Tyra Banks, Miss J and Jay Manuel went through the list of remaining girls on each of their fiercepage.com profiles. After looking at their profile pictures and their net walks, the team could not decide on 13 girls so they chose 12 girls to compete in this hit modeling competition. The list of twelve is as follows:


Hometown: San Diego, California
Age: 22
Occupation Full-time mother

Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Age: 18
Occupation: Model


Hometown: Lenexa, Kansas
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Age: 22
Occupation: Student


Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Hometown: Kerrville, Texas
Age: 21
Occupation: Student


Hometown: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Age: 26
Occupation: Retail Manager

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age: 23
Occupation: Administrative Assistant


Hometown; Marietta, Georgia
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Hometown: Dacula, Georgia
Age: 23
Occupation Bar Tender


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Age: 23
Occupation: Answering Service Operator from cycle 12

Tyra Banks told the girls that they would be heading to New York City and would be meeting a new girl to round out the cycle 14 team.

The girls arrived in the big apple and their tour guide, none other than… Perez Hilton took the girls on a site seeing tour which included a wax museum. As Perez was about to comment on Tyra Banks image, she appeared with model number 13!


Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas
Age: 22
Occupation: Living

The girls next stop in New York was Sally Hershburger’s salon for their make-overs. Oh Lord, this is where the tears would flow for real!

Ren was given an edged out look including a arm pit wax! Gabrielle was given a punked out curly do and Krista was given a horse tail hairdo which she hated! Alexandra was given more softness and hi-lights while Simone was given a side shave which was funky and new wave.

Brenda was coming off as too sexy, so they cut her hair Halle Berry sexy short. Her whole world was shaken and she broke down. As Nad had no hair, they bleached her eyebrows!

Angelea was given a long weave and knew the other bitches would be hating on her and Raina went from blonde to dark. Alasia was given body and curl to her long hair. She commented that she looked more girly because her hair was curly! You gotta love a girl who can rhyme.

Anslee began to cry because she was so happy with her new short, hi-lighted hair, Tatianna was made into goldilocks with a blonde weave and Jessica was given a beautiful dark look.

Next the girls moved into their new loft. It was a very sparkly crib, complete with a catwalk!  Anslee and Angeli spent most of the first night bickering over whatever they could which irritated everyone else in the loft.

The girls were intimidated by Angelea as she gave everyone negative energy, but Angelea said it was just a bitch please look she was giving people? She then spent a lot of time trying to get the other ladies on her side and a meeting of the “black girls” took place at which point Krista gave her opinion of Alasia calling her fake.

Finally…Tyra Banks sent the girls some Tyra mail for their first finalist photo shoot. The girls would be modelling Custo Barcelona clothing…oops, just one piece and the rest of their body would be nude! Stay tuned for that episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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  1. princy phillip Says:
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    I really like angelea. She i very inspiration and strong. She can do well in the modeling industry. I think you should go for it girl.


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