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Ghost Hunters: Footsteps & Balls Of Light

March 10, 2010 08:32 PM by Ryan Haidet


With Grant’s family sick, Steve was taking his place as the TAPS team traveled to upstate New York to seek spirits at Fort Ticonderoga in tonight’s Ghost Hunters.  The Fort had played important roles in a few wars, which resulted in many deaths at the location.  Their tour guide started discussing the paranormal activity that has taken place at the facility — like a woman who spotted the outline of a figure in an attic window.  Then there have been reports of hearing footsteps from a floor above.  But that’s not all, some of the staff have reported seeing balls of light while some have spotted a shadowy figure walking outdoors from tree to tree.

They set up their cameras and equipment before going lights out.  Jason and Steve quickly kicked off their investigation in the Officer’s Quarters where sounds of footsteps have been heard in the past.  It didn’t take long until the pair heard loud sounds of footsteps — shocking.  After checking with the rest of the team, they realized they were the only people inside the building.  “Are you serious?” Jason said.  “There’s nobody in here.”

More members of the TAPS team were outside in the cemetery investigating where dozens of unmarked graves call home.  Kris thought she saw something walking along the tree line, so she started coercing the spirit.  “There’s no war going on any longer,” she said.  “You are safe.”  Moments later they heard the sounds of footsteps and whispers in the distance.  “Can you please come toward us?” Kris asked.  Despite their pleas for the spirit to surface, nothing happened.


Meanwhile, Jason and Steve were still trying to talk to the spirits in the attic of the Officer’s Quarters.  That’s when they both saw the room at the far end of the floor light up brightly.  “It illuminated the room!” Jason exclaimed.  The light was so bright that other members of the team who were investigating in other buildings on the property also saw it.

The TAPS team unveiled a new piece of equipment for this investigation — a full spectrum camera.  It uses ultraviolet light to pick up patterns and features you typically wouldn’t see.  As they were using the new device, Jason heard the door latch jiggling around nearby.

After analyzing all of the evidence, Jason and Steve revealed what they captured to the tour guide — and there wasn’t anything great.

Although I’m happy to have Ghost Hunters back, I found myself insanely bored with tonight’s episode.  Nothing too exciting happened, and I’m starting to get exhausted with the TAPS team thinking every sound they hear is a ghost.

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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