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Shear Genius: Hair Shapes And Head Shots

March 10, 2010 09:37 PM by Jennifer


Now that it is down to six contestants on Shear Genius on Bravo, not only are the challenges getting harder, but the rivalries are starting to show! Can Brig and Matthew tame their bitterness towards each other, or will one of them be the next one cut?


In their first challenge, the contestants are asked to create a style based on a shape, from a crescent moon to a diamond. Janine wound up with the crescent moon and literally gave her client a haircut in that exact shape. Matthew shaved stars into his clients head, and also her scalp, and Jon cut a diamond shape into his clients bangs. Brig cut her clients hair in crazy angles that resembled nothing like the triangle she was trying to achieve, and April tried to turn a messy style in the shape of a heart. Brian was supposed to do a trapezoid, but had not idea what a trapezoid even was. Their guest judge, Kevin Mancuso, Creative Director at Nexxus, loved Janine’s crescent cut, although bizarre, and she was declared the winner and got to choose her client for the elimination challenge the following day.

But for their elimination challenge, the tables are turned, and host Camila tells them that they need to make sure their clients are the ones who make the cut, as they are all actresses looking for new head shot photos for their hair. Janine chose a long haired redhead as her client, and the rest of the contestants were chosen by the clients for a change. In a shocking turn, Matthew is picked last, which makes Brig happy, because he is always at the top of the group. I would think with her bright orange hair Brig would have been picked last. The winner of the challenge will get their hairstyle featured in a national magazine. The clients are vocal about what they want, but cautious because their careers depend on it. Two hours pass as the scissors and curling irons are blazing on the clients hair.

As the contestants finish their hairstyles, Brian realizes his style is a bit more “out there” than any of the others. As the clients are getting their head shots taken, the judges are looking on. Judges Jonathan Antin and Kim Vo say Brian’s style looks like a tumbleweed, which it totally does. April has made her client look 20 years older than she actually is. Brig’s client, the famous Obama girl, had a nice, sleek style. Matthew’s client looked perfect, until he interrupted the shoot and ran a hairbrush through it, which totally screwed it up.


Relieved that the challenge is over, they have no idea that they are in for a shock. After the head shots are done, Camila tells the contestants that the clients want a second style for their head shots, and it must be totally different from the first and be done in a half hour. This is where the tension between Matthew and Brig is really made clear as Matthew realized that not only has Brig done the same style that he has, but she is totally botched the job.

As the judges review their hairstylists, they tell Brian that he made his client look a little too frizzy. Brig made Jonathan call her second style, which was supposed to look like a CIA agent, awkward. Judge Kim Vo tells Matthew that he did a great job, and Jonathan Antin said he would hire her just by the head shot. Jon thought the styles he did for his client were beautiful, but Guest Judge Kevin Mancuso thought it was mediocre. Jonathan reminded them that they need to step it up, because one by one they are being sent home.

After the Judges discuss the client’s hair, it is no surprise that Matthew and Janine are chosen top two, and once again Matthew has won this challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo. Brian and April are not so lucky, however, and are named as the bottom two. After careful deliberation, it is determined that April is the one that is beingcut . As she says her fond farewells, the remaining five realize that it’s any one’s competition at this point, but who will be the next Shear Genius on Bravo

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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