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Kitchen Nightmares: Le Bistro

March 11, 2010 08:23 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight on an all new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX as he heads to Florida to meet one of his toughest challenges to date. Will Gordon Ramsay be able to tame this arrogant owner or has Gordon finally met his match? Keep reading for all the details!

Gordon Ramsay heads to the elite shore town of Lighthouse Point, Florida on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX to help the owners of Le Bistro restaurant save their sinking dream. The owner and head chef, Andy is so arrogant he refuses to even accept that any customer would dare send back his food. When Gordon Ramsay surprises Andy by showing up during one of his cooking classes, Andy goes off on a verbal rampage to Gordon.

After finally calming down, Le Bistro owner Andy starts to cook his best dishes for Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. Completely assured that Gordon will love his food, Andy is stunned to find out that it was the complete opposite in fact. Poor Gordon nearly broke a tooth on a duck dish and completely horrified by a dry lamb roll. He told Andy his dishes were well outdated, possibly from the 1980′s and not area friendly. Needless to say Andy did not take that well, and pretended that his staff did not relay the information to him, but Gordon Ramsay saw right through him and snagged him in the lie….good going Gordon!


During Le Bistro’s dinner service, Gordon Ramsay observed as dish after dish were sent back to the kitchen for one reason or another. He was completely appalled as Andy had no concern for the customers at all and he watched as Andy belittled his wife in front of the staff. After taking Andy & Elin, his wife, to meet and speak with some of the customers and watching Andy’s lack of concern for anything that anyone had to say on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX , Gordon was starting to wonder if Andy was a chef or a dictator.

The dishes were also taking well over an hour to come out and customers were complaining, so Gordon Ramsay decided to show Elin and Andy how it should be done by heading to a restaurant next door and ordering a meal to go which only took 10 minutes from start to pickup and was absolutely delicious per Gordon. Gordon Ramsay pulled Andy aside and when he tried to give his critique, Andy went off on another rampage this time exchanging vulgarities with Gordon on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX.

After going through this with Andy for 2 days, Gordon kept at him and finally did manage to get through to him, moreso after his revamp of Le Bistro restaurant. Andy decided to delegate more to his sous chef so that his kitchen would run more efficiently. They completely revamped the menu as well and Gordon had many VIP’s set to come to the re opening which turned out to be a huge success. Andy has since learned the err of his ways and Le Bistro is now one of the hottest restaurants in town, full of repeat customers! Another Gordon Ramsay success story!

Be sure to tune in next thursday at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX.

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