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Project Runway: Fashion Elements

March 11, 2010 09:51 PM by Lisa Princ


Project Runway is back tonight on Lifetime with a brand new episode. As they inch closer and closer to the finale the contestants are out to prove they can win by going all out on their designs this week. But whose designs will be so out there that it gets them sent packing? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details!

Project Runway on Lifetime kicks off tonight as Heidi Klum tells the contestants that they will channel their natural creativity and then sends them over to Tim Gunn, who is joined by a celebrity hairstylist Philip Carreon from Garnier for a special fashion elements challenge this week. Each contestant would randomly choose an element of air, water, earth or fire and use that to inspire their fashion design.

Jay, winning last week’s hardware challenge would have immunity this week and also got to choose which of the elements he wanted and he chose air. Each of the remaining contestants chose a random card with an element on it starting with Maya who chose water, followed by Jonathan who chose air. Ben was up next and chose water, Mila chose earth followed by Anthony and Amy both choosing fire. Emilio chose air, leaving with Seth with air on Project Runway on Lifetime.


The contestants really decided to go for it all this week, and not all turned out so good. Jay used his air to create a tornado feel and look to his garment. Jonathan interpreted his air as laughter and wanted to do a light, airy, swirly dress. Seth, who also chose air was going for a midnight in New York air look in the fashion elements challenge on Project Runway

Mila decided to create a pantsuit and vest with a mineral inspired color since she chose earth, while Ben also chooses to go with a pantsuit but in his water design he goes for a shark look, all the way down to the shark’s teeth on sleeves. Anthony takes his fire inspiration and remembers the ashes of a burnt church so he steps away from red and goes for gray and black. Maya goes with a simple light dress with a flowing water look to it. Emilio goes with the earthtone and creates a cute dress that looked great from the minute he fitted it on Monique.

Amy’s fashion elements design was off to say the least. It was made up of a pantsuit, with a bowl looking top filled with hair from a wig, not sure what she was trying accomplish here, but it was weird, she achieved it. Tim Gunn gave them some critique but was pretty easy on most of them as he liked their ideas. Jonathan and Ben were sewing away and both stated how they hated to always be “just safe” each week…..maybe one of them will win this week’s challenge on Project Runway.


After barely finishing their fashion elements designs in the nick of time, it was time for the runway show on Project Runway. Heidi was greeted by Michael, Nina and guest judge as well as French fashion designer Roland Mouret. It was quite amusing to watch some of the reactions to these garments. After the show, Heidi Klum calls Anthony, Emilio and Jay and lets them know they are safe.

The bottom three in the fashion elements challenge this week on Project Runway on Lifetime were Ben, Mila, and Amy. The top three designers were Seth, Jonathan and Maya. After debating with the other judges, Heidi Klum sends Seth to safety, and then declares Jonathan this week’s winner, a first for him! Then she continues to send Maya & Mila both back to safety, leaving us with Ben and Amy. While I disagreed with this decision, she sent Amy to safety, meaning Ben was out! Good Luck Ben, I doubt this is the last we will hear of him.

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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