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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Chocolate Attitudes

March 11, 2010 08:18 PM by Ryan Haidet


I hope tonight’s episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains was satisfying enough to fill your reality appetite since the show won’t be back until Wednesday, March 24.  Yep, this is the time of year Survivor fans hate as CBS adjusts its schedule for NCAA basketball.  Ugh!  Although this hiatus may be a bummer, tonight’s episode was entertaining on so many levels — one tribe turned down free chocolate, one contestant was hurt during a challenge and Russell found himself the fourth hidden Immunity Idol of his Survivor career.

Dragonslayer Chi

At the Villains camp, Coach took the entire tribe to the beach as he led them in his own method of Dragonslayer Chi — everybody except for Russell.  While they were all meditating for the challenge, Russell was busy hunting for the hidden Immunity Idol.  And it didn’t take him long before he found it.  “Here it goes again,” Russell laughed.

No To Chocolate?!?!?!

If you watched last season, you likely noticed that the site of the Reward Challenge was the same exact spot as it took place last season.  It was the brutal basketball game of Schmergenbrawl revisited.


The tribes were battling for Reward at a watering hole where they would feast on chocolate delights.  But before the challenge, each tribe was given a small piece of chocolate to swell their desire for more.  Surprisingly, none of the Heroes really looked thrilled with the free offering of chocolate and they handed the plate back to Jeff Probst with lots of the sweets left uneaten.  When Probst asked what their deal was, Colby said they wanted to get straight to the challenge instead of chewing on the candy.  Rupert said they didn’t care about the Reward, they just wanted to prove they were focused enough to win the challenge.

It was a much different story for the Villains — they gobbled all of their chocolate down and handed Probst a shiny, clean plate.

Clash Of The Accident Prone

The challenge had the same concept as last season in which players battled for balls in a pit below as their tribemates worked to shoot a basket from platforms above.  Within minutes of the challenge starting, James went down with a knee injury.  The medical team came in and said he looked OK since it appeared he had just pulled a muscle.  They tried to help him walk it out, but he wasn’t getting any better.  So the medical team removed him from the competition.  That left the Heroes one person short.  It wasn’t too much of a detriment either, since Amanda scored the first point.

In the second match, Tyson scored a point and as he did it, Rupert swung Jerri around and accidentally slammed her face into the wooden fence post.  Rupert quickly said he didn’t intend for that to happen, but Jerri jumped up obviously upset and said, “Whatever, dude.  Whatever.”


As payback, Jerri scored the winning point in the third round as the Villains erupted in cheers.  As the Villains left for Reward and the Heroes headed back to camp, James stayed behind for medical evaluation.  The doctor wrapped his leg up, but was concerned he had stretched it too much.

Knighting A Warrior

When the Villains were done chowing on the huge stockpile of various chocolates, Jerri said she was in a mix of euphoria and sickness.  As half the tribe swam in the watering hole, Russell revealed to Parvati in secret that he had the Idol in his possession.  She was thrilled with that secret because she felt it gave her better footing in the competition.  “He’s a great ally,” she said.  Russell wanted to use the Idol to convince Coach to join their side so they could blindside Boston Rob.


“I have the Idol, and now we have the Idol,” Russell told the Dragonslayer.  Coach said it was an enormous sign of trust from Russell and labeled the moment “monumental.”  Coach bowed before him and asked King Russell to knight him.  Wow.  I like you a lot Coach, but you are far too trusting.

Gone For Good?

Back at the Heroes camp, Amanda was brought to tears at the thought that James might not be able to compete in the rest of the game.  As more time passed by, the tribe speculated that he wouldn’t likely be returning.  But despite their doubts, he came hobbling down the beach.  Candice thought that James was now too much dead weight that they needed to take out next.

Cover Yourself!

In an Immunity Challenge we saw during Survivor: All-Stars, each tribe had one caller who was used to lead blindfolded team members through a field filled with obstacles to collect 10 giant puzzle pieces.  The first team to gather all of the pieces and construct the puzzle would win Immunity.

James was picked as the caller for the Heroes while Jerri was interestingly elected for the Villains tribe.  It made me wonder if anybody from her tribe remembered the failed attempt she had calling a blindfolded challenge in Survivor: The Australian Outback.  Remember when Colby tossed the bucket of water on her for her poor performance?


Anyway, as the teams collected their puzzle pieces, the blindfolded players were stumbling over themselves and running into obstacles along the way.  Boston Rob smartly used one hand as a guide while he covered his private parts with the other.  Can you blame him?  The concept of running into one of those jagged puzzle corners just seems painful.

The Heroes started assembling their puzzle first, but once again the Villains came back and outplayed them in the end to win Immunity.  Plus, Boston Rob can still father children.  OK — sorry for the lame attempt at a joke.

Firefighter Vs. Zombie

Back at the Heroes camp, the distraught tribe discussed all of their weaknesses.  Then the strategy started.  As James walked around camp like a zombie, most of his tribemates thought it was a good idea to keep him.  Brilliant.

While Candice, Colby and Tom wanted to take James out next, the rest of the tribe was gunning for Tom.  And yet again, JT was flip-flopping all over the place.  He went to each side and promised he would vote with them.

Snuffing The Flames

At Tribal Council, Probst said it was a unique situation having somebody like James on the tribe who is an easy target for elimination due to his injury.  He even joked that his niece could beat James in a race now.

After some talk from James’ allies about why he is an important part of the team, Tom said everything was nonsense.  He argued they weren’t rallying to keep James because of his physical power, but simply because he’s a loyal vote.  Tom continued by saying he knew it would be him tonight unless a “couple of good people” voted for the tribe’s strength and not for number strategies.  So James fired back with a request for his team to vote him out if they truly believed Tom could outperform him later in the competition.

When the votes were tallied, Tom’s valid arguments were ignored as he became the fifth person voted out of the competition.


So that’s it until Wednesday, March 24!

Images courtesy of CBS.

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