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The Real Housewives Of New York City: Ramona & LuAnn’s Labor Day Party Feud

March 11, 2010 09:34 PM by Jennifer


Although summer has come to an end, temperatures are rising in the Hamptons on this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO. Ramona and LuAnn are both having parties, and playing tug of war with the other housewives about who goes where. Does anyone show up at all? Keep reading for all of the drama filled details!


Bethenny Frankel and her boyfriend Jason meet up with Ramona Singer and her husband Mario. Ramona tells Bethenny that Luanne De Lessepps has a problem with Mario, and how Jill put her two sense into the conversation. Bethenny tells Ramona about her drink with Luann, and how Luann is so not the classy lady she pretends to be. Both Jill and LuAnn seem to have issues with Bethenny this season, maybe because Bethenny has alot of things going for her and she is not always around to be with them nowadays. In the Hamptons, LuAnn gets a visit from her former housekeeper Rosie, who was let go when LuAnn moved to the Hamptons. LuAnn is going through a difficult time due to her divorce from her cheating husband.

Ramona and her husband Mario are throwing a party for Labor Day at their home in the Hamptons on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO, but they are not the only ones…. Mario called LuAnn to apologize for the remark he made about her being countless, and says he hopes she will come to their bash. Jill was also invited, but she is not going to go if LuAnn does not go, as she is staying at LuAnn’s house for the weekend. When Jill calls Ramona to talk about it, she doesn’t know she is on speaker phone, and Ramona calls LuAnn a slut and says that is probably why her husband is divorcing her. LuAnn is horrified that Ramona would say those things about her, but she was happy that Jill is on her side. Then she tells Jill about her meeting with Bethenny where they argued. Jill says that now that Bethenny has Jason in her life, she never has time for her friends.

Speaking of Bethenny, Jason takes her to a romantic restaurant, and tells her that he thinks that they should move in together! She is so happy, and she starts to cry, because everything is finally coming together for her with her work and her personal life. She has worked so hard her whole life, and she finally has everything she wants, and Jason is perfect for her!


Meanwhile, back in the Hamptons, Ramona is getting ready for her Labor Day party, and totally expecting Jill and LuAnn to show up. Little does Ramona know that not only are they not showing up, but they have invited Kelly Bensimon to Luann’s house since Ramona did not bother to invite her. As Kelly arrives at LuAnn’s house, she tells both her and Jill that she is going to be posing for Playboy, and she wanted them to know because she wants to be honest with them. They both are excited for her, and Kelly is relieved that they are having a good reaction to this. It seems like Kelly may be a little more genuine and friendly this season as compared to last season.

On the other side of the Hamptons, Alex and Simon arrive at Ramona’s house, and Ramona and Mario try telling them that they need to pick sides when it comes to the women all fighting, as Alex seems to be taking the moral high road this year and staying friends with everyone. But Alex and Simon tell them that they are leaving her party to stop by LuAnn’s, where they were also invited. To say that Ramona is livid would be an understatement, and how dare she invite Ramona’s guests to also stop by her house for a party for Labor Day as well. Mario tells the couple they need to decide which people to be friends with, and they need to pick a side. Come on, what is this, high school? Can’t we all just get along?

Alex calls Jill and tells her that she cannot come to LuAnn’s because there are hardly any guests at Ramona’s house and Ramona is having a cow about them leaving. Alex doesn’t want to get in the middle of any one’s fight, which is the smart thing to do, but letting Ramona dictate who she sees and who she doesn’t is a bit stupid. Bethenny is also at Ramona’s house, so Jill asks what is going on there and Alex still says little to try and keep the peace. Jill and LuAnn are clearly offended, but they go on with enjoying their last days in the Hamptons for the summer. Maybe things will cool down once they get back to the city

Tune in next Thursday at 10 p.m. EST for  more drama on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City on BRAVO . See you after the show!

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