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Kitchen Nightmares: Casa Roma

March 12, 2010 08:51 PM by Lisa Princ

Kitchen Nightmares on FOX was back tonight with another brand new episode as Gordon Ramsay travels to Lancaster, CA to visit Casa Roma which always has a full bar but never a full restaurant. With a head chef who doesn’t give two hoots about the place, it’s no wonder they have no customers. Will Gordon Ramsay be able to save this restaurant or will Casa Roma go up in flames? Keep reading for all the details!

Gordon Ramsay is shocked when he walks in to see the filth that lies within this place, but decides to go ahead and order for his menu evaluation on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. He is utterly disgusted as he is served frozen stuffed mushrooms, pizza with uncooked dough, and a monte cristo sandwich that is dripping with so much grease it nearly makes the waitress sick. As if the food was not bad enough, Gordon Ramsay waited well over an hour just for the appetizer….but it was no wonder, because head chef Eric was outside smoking half of the time. After an exchanging of some not so nice words between Gordon Ramsay and Eric, Eric assures Gordon Ramsay he just “had a bad day” and will show him the real Eric at dinner service.

Dinner service at Casa Roma restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX couldn’t have proved Eric more wrong. With the dining room booming, Eric and his sous chef, Drew, could not keep up with the orders. Drew was not at fault, however as Eric was not communicating what so ever with him. Customers began sending plates back of undercooked meats, as well as complaining about the wait and how terrible the food really was. Meanwhile, Eric was taking his sweet time in the kitchen, not allowing Drew to do anything, but Eric made darn sure he had time for cigarette break.

Gordon Ramsay, who watched long enough, had finally had enough. He demanded that the restaurant be shut down for dinner service and made sure the diners were sent on their way. Disgusted by Eric’s lack of concern for anything more than his paycheck, Gordon Ramsay advised Nylah, the owner that she needs to fire Eric. Nylah and her son Jeremy took Eric out back and told him he was being let go, despite his many apologies……too little too late! Gordon tells Drew it is up to him now and everyone went home for the evening.

Gordon Ramsay decided to show up to Casa Roma restaurant early the next morning on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX so he could inspect the cleanliness of the restaurant. Gordon Ramsay is absolutely disgusted by what he finds in the refrigerator and freezer….everything from 3 month old food to moldy meat! Trying not to vomit, Gordon Ramsay heads to bathroom and is even more disgusted when he uses a light to detect body fluids, which are rampant all over the floor, walls and even the ceiling. Gordon Ramsay shows this to Nylah and her sons, all disgusted by this and they decide to clean everything.

The next day, Gordon Ramsay revamps Casa Roma restaurant completely into a pizzeria and bar, then surprises the staff with the changes as well as a new menu on Kitchen Nightmares on FOX. After working with new head chef Drew, Gordon Ramsay decides to do something special for the re opening since the restaurant has been around for 50 years. They decide to hold a pizza eating contest to show the neighborhood that they are the newest and hottest pizzeria in town. It was a huge success, and despite a few minor learning setbacks for Drew, he kept pushing and ended the entire dinner service as a success. Finally, Casa Roma has a chance at a new life, thanks to Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX.

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