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The Hills: Lauren Conrad’s Affordable Fashion Line Hits Kohl’s

March 13, 2010 12:20 PM by Nancy Floyd


Is there anything that Lauren Conrad, former star of MTV‘s The Hills, doesn’t do? The former reality star designs jewelry, writes bestselling novels, works as a philathropist and activist, and is now releasing a collection of affordable fashions at Kohl’s. The California beauty talks about what fans can expect of her new line, the inspiration behind it, and if she misses working in television…

Lauren Conrad rose to fame as the star of MTV‘s The Hills and is using her celebrity status to launch another career: fashion designer! Throughout MTV‘s The Hills many seasons, fans witnessed Conrad studying fashion at California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and after releasing previous high-end fashion collections, Conrad is finally debuting an affordable line at Kohl’s.

As for what fans can expect from the new collection, Conrad says “[It's] all about taking new trends and putting our twist on them and doing the whole relaxed look that we love here in California. One of the overall trends we wanted to do is the pairing of masculine, feminine and that’s taking more feminine romantic pieces and pairing them with something a little tougher. We have more masculine layering pieces like a biker jacket, we have a boyfriend blazer, but we also have a little eyelash skirt and a sheath dress that you can pair them with.”

Girls that are hoping to emulate The Hills‘ starlet’s keen style will be relieved that the pieces in Conrad’s new LC Lauren Conrad collection are priced reasonably. “I don’t think fashion is exclusive. Back when I was filming I had to do a new outfit every other day so it adds up. I was all about the discount shopping and I think when you can create really great pieces that are affordable and also accessible, then it’s great,” Conrad says.

Does The Hills star have one must-have fashion item? ”My favorite piece, and we’ve made it a staple, is the blazer. It can really pull a look together and also it makes things look a bit more polished,” she says. With a new career ahead of her, many fans wonder if Conrad misses her reality TV days. ”I miss the fabulous crew I got to work with — that’s about it,” Conrad says. “Fashion has always been the end goal. It’s been the constant since I was a little girl and all throughout doing the show. I knew it’s where I wanted to end up so it was just about making the transition and taking it on full time.”

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