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Amazing Race: It’s War In France!

March 14, 2010 06:46 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight on an all-new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, the eight remaining teams travel to France where they must reenact World War I and participate in an unusual version of the Tour de France. Will Louie & Michael be able to keep their lead? Precisely how long will it take Carol & Brandy to have yet another emotional breakdown? Can favorites Jeff & Jordan complete tonight’s Speed Bump and stay in the competition? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more…

On tonight’s leg of The Amazing Race, the eight remaining teams start in Hamburg, Germany and board a bus headed for an unknown destination. On the ride, Jeff & Jordan worry about their fate since they’re in last place, Joe & Heidi brag about how great they’re doing despite complaints about Joe’s bad knee, and Louie & Michael wish Joe would shut up. The mystery destination? Les Monthairons, France.

Once the eight teams arrive in France, they must drive themselves to the town of Ste. Menehould, find a bakery, buy a baguette, and receive their next clue. Louie & Michael are the first to depart, followed by  Steve & Allie and Joe & Heidi. Louie & Michael immediately encounter a postal worker and ask for directions. They strike it up to the luck of the Irish, despite the fact that Louie’s Italian. Works for me. During their car ride, Jet & Cord debate about what a baguette is (cowboy pronunciation: bag-ooh-wet), while Carol & Brandy have decided that it’s them vs. the rest of the eight Amazing Race teams. Well, yeah, that’s kind of the point of the competition. Meanwhile, Dan & Jordan practically do a cheerleading routine when they realize their car is an automatic.

Louie & Michael are the first to arrive at the bakery and find their laminated clue baked into the baguette. The next stop? La Main de Massiges. Where’s that? Who knows? These wise detectives think maybe it’s a massage parlor. That sounds like a likely challenge on The Amazing Race. Joe & Heidi and  Steve & Allie team up outside the bakery while Brent & Caite finally get to begin tonight’s leg of the race and naturally, have no clue where they’re going.


Louie & Michael are the first to arrive at the next clue and find out what tonight’s Detour is going to be on The Amazing Race. World War I reenactments!! The two options for tonight’s Detour are ‘In The Trenches’ or ‘Under Fire’. In the trenches: teams crawl through a trench as battle wages around them and translate a message in Morse code. Under Fire: teams must crawl 100 yards through a field lined with barbed-wire & retrieve a message from a French soldier before crawling back to safety. At the end of either Detour, all teams must attach their messages to a homing pigeon. Yes! Pigeons have entered The Amazing Race! Since the Louie & Michael aren’t so good with Morse code, they opt for Under Fire and discover their uniforms are a little snug. Those French baguettes go straight to your thighs.

Jet & Cord, Dan & Jordan, Carol & Brandy, and Brent & Caite arrive at the bakery one after another and are on their way to La Main de Massiges. Joe & Heidi decide to try their hand at the ‘Under Fire’ challenge, while the Detectives try to avoid being shot by eerily realistic bombs and discuss who exactly the French fought in World War I. Jeff & Jordan are the last to embark on this leg of the race and they’re determined to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Although, if the first five minutes of their adventure tonight are any indication, they’re not going to do so hot. How many times can you circle the same street?

Back in the war zone, Joe is still whining about his leg as Louie & Michael retrieve their message. As the Detectives are crawling back to safety, they pass Joe & Heidi and Steve & Allie crawling across the same field. Louie & Michael are the first to complete the Detour which gives them the opportunity to send another team on a U-Turn. After a brief debate, the Detectives decide to send Joe & Heidi on the U-turn, forcing them to complete both challenges in tonight’s Detour.

Meanwhile, Brent & Caite arrive at the Detour and all Caite can talk about is how unfashionable the army fatigues are. What do you expect from the brilliant Miss Teen South Carolina? Dan & Jordan get in a playful argument about jogging too fast and I swear they are thisclose to getting into a tickle fight. Jeff & Jordan have finally arrived at the bakery and take a bit too long to figure out that the clue is hiding inside the baguette.  Steve & Allie are the second team to complete the Detour, followed closely by Joe & Heidi who soon discovered they’ve been U-turned. Naturally, they’re none too pleased about the new development. Especially with Joe’s knee problems. Have I mentioned his terrible knee problem?!?

It’s back to the Detour for Joe & Heidi, while  Steve & Allie head to the next stop on the race. Despite the fact that it was meant to be a “blind U-turn” and that Louie & Michael should’ve remained anonymous, it didn’t take more than two seconds for Joe & Heidi to figure out they were the ones responsible. After all, they were the only team to finish before them. I’m sure the Detectives could care less though since they’ve arrived at the next leg of the race well before the other teams. In homage to the Tour de France, the teams must don traditional riding gear (complete with fake mustaches) & ride 100-year old bicycles for four miles to the Pit Stop.

Dan & Jordan and Jet & Cord have completed the Detour but Joe & Heidi are still caught up on the Morse code challenge. Carol & Brandy are not fans of crawling through the mud and acting like boys which–guess what?–leads to another emotional meltdown! Brent & Caite seem to be getting a bit of twisted pleasure out of watching the lesbian couple suffer.  Steve & Allie are the second team to set off on the four-mile bike ride just before Louie & Michael finish in first place. Again! Two weeks in a row? I’m shocked!


The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is waiting with a marching band to congratulate Louie & Michael on finishing first. Jet & Cord and Dan & Jordan set off on the bike ride, followed closely by the arguing Carol & Brandy.  Steve & Allie finish in second place (again), while Joe & Heidi are still stuck at the Detour. Jet & Cord finish in third, a bickering Dan & Jordan finish in fourth, and Carol & Brandy finish in fifth. Oh, now they’re hugging! Brent & Caite finish the Detour, but get confused about where to go next. They just begin walking south hoping to stumble upon the next location. Meanwhile, Jeff & Jordan arrive at the location for the Detour but first they must complete a Speed Bump because of their last place finish in the last leg of they journey. To complete the Speed Bump, they must fortify a wall in the trench with sticks before moving on to the Detour.

Through what can only be described as dumb luck Brent & Caite happen to find the location to begin the bike race. As they set off on the four-mile ride, it looks like tonight’s leg of The Amazing Race is going to come down to Jeff & Jordan and Joe & Heidi. But wait! Shocking twist alert! Brent & Caite finish the bike ride in sixth place but since they never technically picked up their clue after the Detour, Phil Keoghan tells them they must go back and get it! BURN!

Brent & Caite must ride four miles back to the Detour to find the missing clue. Jeff & Jordan are still building a stick wall while Joe & Heidi still can’t figure out Morse code. How hard is it!? There’s a guidebook showing them every dot and dash. Jeff & Jordan finally complete their wall and set out on the Detour. Brent & Caite return to the Detour, bickering all the way, before finally retrieving their next clue. Jeff is clearly getting frustrated with Jordan’s lackadaisical attitude as she crawls across the field, but they finally finish and get their next clue. Joe & Heidi are brought to tears of frustration as they struggle to decipher the Morse code message before finally giving up.


Brent & Caite finish in sixth (for the second time tonight), while Jeff & Jordan ride their bikes through the rain and Joe & Heidi cuddle in a trench with only their own shame and regret keeping them warm. Jeff & Jordan are relieved and shocked to learn that they’ve finished in seventh place. As night falls, Phil shows up to the trench to find Joe & Heidi and tell them they’ve been eliminated. General consensus? Joe & Heidi love each other but they’re not so fond of Louie & Michael. Oh, and Joe’s knee hurts. Have I mentioned that his knee is bad!?

Tune into The Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS as the seven remaining teams continue their journey in France.

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