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American Idol: The Top 12 Finalists Speak Out

March 14, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


After a shocking elimination episode on Thursday night’s episode of American Idol, this season’s Top 12 finalists have been revealed! The aspiring singers, which includes judge favorite Crystal Bowersox, last-minute semifinalist Tim Urban, and fan favorite Andrew Garcia, dish on making the Top 12, singing covers by The Rolling Stones for the next show, and the emotional roller coaster of making it this far on the FOX singing competition…

The Top 12 American Idol finalists have been revealed and are gearing up to take on songs by The Rolling Stones on this week’s episode. As the FOX singing competition properly begins, the fate of the contestants rests in America’s hands. The twelve aspiring singers are thrilled, nervous, and every emotion in between as they process the news that they’ve made it to the finals.

One contestant who is especially excited to have made American Idol‘s Top 12 is last-minute addition, Tim Urban. Urban was originally dismissed at the end of Hollywood Week, only to be brought back to replaced disqualified contestant, Chris Golightly. ”Because of that, that’s made the whole thing really crazy. It’s been such a rollercoaster, up and down. In Hollywood Week, it’s almost the end, ‘You’re going home.’ Then, ‘Wait, wait! We’re going to bring you back out here.’ ‘What?’ Now I’m  in the Top 12. That’s a lot to process and, I’ll be honest, I have not processed it all just yet,” Urban says.

Another Top 12 contender is judge favorite, Crystal Bowersox, but she’s not letting their praise go to her head. ”It’s flattering but it’s still up for grabs. It’s up to the American public. It’s not Simon,” she says. Compliments from Simon Cowell have only added to Lee DeWyze’s American Idol experience. ”Having Simon tell me he thought I had one of the best voices meant a lot to me. That’s coming from the man himself.”

Andrew Garcia was fearful that he hadn’t made it into the Top 12 after being the last guy to be added. ”I was just excited, nervous, all those emotions mixed up. They always do that to me,” he says. Garcia, along with the other 11 finalists, will be tackling songs by The Rolling Stones this week on American Idol. Despite being young, Katie Stevens isn’t nervous about singing tunes from the classic rock band. ”My dad would expose us to all different types of music when we were young. We got The Beatles, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones, different types of music. I’m really kind of well-rounded in that, so I have my dad to thank for that,” she says.

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