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Dancing With The Stars: Chad Ochocinco Wants ‘Tough Love’ From Cheryl Burke

March 14, 2010 02:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars‘ tenth season is shaping up to be one of the most fierce competitions in the show’s history. In his quest for victory, celebrity competitor Chad Ochocinco has an interesting request for dance pro partner and two-time Dancing With the Stars champ, Cheryl Burke: no more compliments! The NFL wide receiver has requested nothing but ‘tough love’ from his partner and Burke is happy to oblige…

ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars partners, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke have been working hard to perfect their cha-cha for the tenth season premiere on March 22nd. There’s one order that the NFL player has for Cheryl Burke: no compliments on the dance floor! ”He told me to stop complimenting him because he wants tough love, so that’s what I’m giving him,” Cheryl Burke says.

Chad Ochocinco recently talked to Sports Illustrator about his initial thoughts on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, saying, he’s “lovin’ it. It’s so fun. Extremely, extremely challenging. It’s very physical. The movements and some of the things I’m doing with my lower body are gonna be very helpful for me once the football season gets here. This is not your normal ‘get out there and dance on the dance floor’ This is choreographed, counting steps, discipline, body posture, the whole nine yards. It’s extremely hard.”

Despite trying to adhere to Ochocinco’s requests for tough love,  Cheryl Burke will say that he’s “starting to actually really progress” in his dancing abilities. Although the NFL player had some awkwardness at first, he’s beginning to get much better. The two might seem like an odd couple on the dance floor, but according to Ochocinco they have much more in common than you might think.

“We are exactly alike when it comes to dancing — even though I don’t dance,” jokes the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver. “But we have the same goals, and that’s winning.”

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