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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Skaggs Family, Jillian Harris, and Xzibit!

March 14, 2010 05:59 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Design Team, headed by Ty Pennington heads to Lexington, Oklahoma to help the Skaggs family change their life with a new home! Joining the EMHE team is former The Bachelorette star, Jillian Harris, and repeat celebrity guest star, Xzibit! Read on for all of the highlights!

Jillian Harris is on the team this week as a designer, as well as a young boy called Santino and his mother Tonya – two special helpers. Tonya explains that she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that is incurable. They are going to meet the Skagg family, Brian and Audra, and their children Merit and Jhett.


Brian and Audra began to realize that something was wrong with Jhett when he was a baby, and learned that he needed a risky heart transplant – which he received at 11 months of age. The family notes that he is alive because a family donated an organ, and they started to give back right away. Jhett’s medical bills are huge and it’s impossible to keep the house free of threats to his immune system.

Ty calls the family out on Door Knock Day, and Brian shares with Ty how much it would mean to him to have a safe home for Jhett to live in. Ty checks out the house and notes immediately that things are off – there are drafts and obvious black mold.


Michael plays dinosaurs with Jhett, and Jillian colors with Merit. Tonya meets Audra, and listens as she explains that she brought her son because they are huge fans of the show, and want to make the most of the time they have left together.

Xzibit is checking out the barn – Brian is a cattle rancher. Ty takes the rest of them to see it, Brian wishes it was closer to the house as it’s currently way up the road. Ty calls for Xzibit who emerges from the barn with an army of volunteers! The barn comes down behind them!

The Skagg family meets the builders, and are told they will be going to Disneyland!

Xzibit is out gathering research to tackle the barn-building project. When he takes an impromptu horseback riding lesson it’s pretty comical!


Ty calls the family in Disneyland to ask about demolishing their old house, as Jillian goes ahead and smashes out windows behind him!

The design of the master bedroom, which Ty is working on, will be a heart to symbolize Jhett and what this is all about. Jillian is working on a crayon-themed headboard for Merit’s room, and Michael has Tonya and Santino with him at a dinosaur exhibit doing research for Jhett’s room.

The Skaggs family gets a call from Ty saying that they’re going to bring them back a little bit early, since they have a surprise other than the new house – but first they are going on a fireworks cruise!


Construction continues at the house, and Jillian is now working on a giant interactive coloring book for Merit! Xzibit is overseeing the restoration of Brian’s tractor.

On Day Six they have the keys and Ty shouts at everyone to bring in the furniture! That evening, Ty meets the Skaggs family limo, and escorts them into a community rally where an entire stage full of toys have been collected for their foundation. Brian and Audra are moved.

It’s time to Move That Bus! The family piles out of their limo and greets Ty as the volunteers go wild. The bus moves and the family take in the sight of their new ranch-style home. Audra jumps up and down holding Merit, while Jhett puts his hands over his ears! The family thanks the guy from Ideal Homes as well as Tonya and Santino – who are given a trip of their own to Disneyworld!


Inside the house, Audra pronounces it gorgeous. Brian says it’s such a huge relief knowing the house isn’t going to make Jhett sick. Ty comes in and tells them CVS Pharmacy gave them a state-of-the-art air purifier system, along with a portable air cleaner as well. CVS paid off Jhett’s medical bills too, and has started a fund for them in the amount of $50,000!

The family checks out the rest of the house – Jhett loves his dinosaur room, which is complete with a volcano! Merit says her new coloring themed room is so fun! Audra and Brian are awed by the master bedroom with ensuite bath.

Next, they head outside to see the new barn – and Xhibit greets them riding the refurbished tractor!


The Skaggs family is thrilled with their new digs, and Jillian Harris talks about how moving it has been to be involved. Ty gives the family their official welcome home to wind up the show!

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