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Giuliana & Bill: Season Finale

March 14, 2010 07:56 PM by Jennifer


What a heartbreaking episode on tonight’s season finale of Giuliana & Billon Style Network. After 2 weeks of waiting to find out if Giuliana Rancic is pregnant, she finally gets some answers. Keep reading to hear more.


Whe we last left off with Giuliana & Bill they were awaiting results to see if Giuliana was pregnant after months of trying and an Intra Uterine Insemination procedure. You can tell the couple is so nervous as her doctor walks into the room, and it is so sad when he tells them that the procedure did not work and she is not pregnant. Giuliana is understandably upset, but Bill tries his best to comfort her and tell her not to worry, that they will get pregnant. Her OBGYN tells her that they should think about doing In vitro, and they decide that it should be their next step.

As if Giuliana doesn’t have enough on her plate, her assistant, Matthew, up and quits on her with no warning! She was shocked because he was one of her best friends. And right after she is told that she is going to work the red carpet for the premiere of the new Twilight movie. This puts Giuliana’s mind thankfully off conceiving for awhile. She also remembers that her niece , Olivia, is a huge fan of the movie, so she decides to take her to the premier. While they are on the red carpet, Giuliana meets with Taylor Lautner, who is Olivia’s favorite. From the side of the stage, she is able to take her picture with him, and Giuliana is so excited for her niece. It makes her want to share experiences like that with her own child.

The next day, Giuliana goes to meet with Matthew to find out what happened that made him quit. Bill goes in to meet him instead because she can’t face him. When he meets with Bill, he tells him it is just time for him to move on. Bill told him that Giuliana is upset because not only did he quit being her assistant, he also quit their friendship. He was really abrasive with Bill, and mad that Giuliana did not confront him herself. He had a grin on his face the entire time, and it baffles Giuliana & Bill.


Once they get over this meeting, they are off to Chicago to meet with a fertility doctor who tells them about the success rate and the details of the procedure, which involves alot of needles and sounds pretty scary. Thay decide that it is alot to think about, and they are going to get away to Santa Barbara and think things through during a much needed break.

When they are in Santa Barbara, Bill tries to take her mind off things by taking her to an Ostrich Farm, and also on a wine tasting tour. After getting pretty buzzed while wine tasting, they also take a nice bike ride. They end the evening with a nice dinner in the vineyard, and Bill brings up the dreaded conversation…. what do they do about the future? They both desperately want a baby, and Giuliana is skeptical because of what happened before, and she does not want to go through alot of invasive procedures and not have a positive result. She is so scared about putting herself through all of the testing, she definitely needs more time to think, and Bill just wants them to come to a decision. They are both so torn, and Bill said family should come first.

Bill has to go to Las Vegas for a speaking engagement, and Giuliana has to go back to L.A. and it is the perfect time for them to think alone about how they want to proceed. While in Vegas, Bill meets with another one of the speakers, who is a psychic and tells him he sees Giuliana & Bill with two kids, which gave Bill some hope. In the meantime, Giuliana meets with Matthew to find out what happened and why he quit so suddenly. She finally gets an answer when he tells her that she has been talking about babies so much lately, and the prospect of him transforming into a nanny scares him to death, and he was afraid that would happen. Giuliana is visibly hurt, and breaks down crying, but wishes him the best of luck. How could he leave her at such a crazy time in her life? That evening, she met with her friend Trisha to get her opinion and input on the IVF process, and Trish tells her to think it over.

She and Bill are finally reunited in Chicago, and they both admit that they are scared and unsure of IVF, and tells him that she doesn’t think she can put her body through that. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster for this couple, and one way or another they are determined to have a baby, and hopefully their dream will come true soon! Keep your eye out for the next season of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network. See you next season!!

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