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Shear Genius: Parenting Advice From Camila Alves

March 15, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


No one can deny that Shear Genius host Camila Alves is a hard-working mommy! In addition to hosting the the Bravo reality competition, Alves, girlfriend to actor Matthew McConaughey, is a handbag designer and mother of two babies under two years old. So how does she manage her busy workload and parenting responsibilities? Keep reading to find out her parenting advice…

Working moms everywhere know how difficult it is to balance a career and parenting and Shear Genius host, Camila Alves, is no different. Her advice for career-minded mommies? ”Stay as calm as you can. Life already comes with enough drama so you don’t need to try to create any more. I try to keep [life] as simple as I can,” Alves, 27, tells People magazine. “I try to keep it as calm as I can. We live in a crazy world right now. It’s crazy out there, it is so beautiful and it’s so amazing, but at the same time it’s so hectic.”

The Shear Genius host is mother to son Levi, 20 months, and daughter Vida, 9 weeks, with actor Matthew McConaughey. Certainly with two kids under two, a career designing handbags, and a gig on Shear Genius, Alves’ life must be full of stress, right? Wrong. The Bravo star says, ”The word ‘stress,’ I don’t believe in that.”

In addition to remaining calm and not believing in stress, Alves encourages mothers to enjoy every stage of parenting no matter how hectic or difficult. “With kids, every stage they go through, it is something different and new and exciting,” she says. As for her own kids, she says, “Levi’s so much fun! He’s just into everything. He’s repeating everything … putting words together. He’s actually having a conversation….and that’s really cool.”

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