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Amazing Race: Joe & Heidi Wang Discuss Their Elimination

March 16, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Joe & Heidi Wang were the most recent couple to be eliminated from The Amazing Race on CBS this past Sunday night. The husband and wife duo, who typically finished among the top three week after week, just couldn’t get past a Morse code challenge. The couple speaks out about their strengths as a team, being U-turned, and what’s next…

Joe & Heidi Wang may not have been fan favorites on CBS‘ The Amazing Race, but they were certainly one of the strongest teams. After repeatedly finishing among the top teams, the couple, who has been married for 13 years, was eliminated on Sunday night’s episode after getting stuck at a Detour they just couldn’t finish. When fellow racers, Louie & Michael, U-turned Joe & Heidi, the Wangs were forced to complete both World War I-inspired challenges and they just couldn’t figure out Morse code.

“That was an impossible task for us,” Joe says of deciphering a message in Morse code. “It was between, I would say, five to six hours. … Mentally, you’re breaking down.” His wife, Heidi adds, ”With the bombs exploding and the planes overheard, you just lost your focus so many times. It was a combination of dots and dashes and spaces. It was on this recording that would just keep on going. It was so fast, like, literally the dots, the dashes and the spaces all sounded the same. We listened to that recording a couple hundred of times. I could probably listen to it another thousand times and I wouldn’t get it. And we couldn’t even tell when the recording started or when it ended because it kept repeating.”

Joe & Heidi had already completed the first Detour (another World War I-inspired challenge that involved crawling through a trench during a mock war) when they discovered they had been U-turned by another Amazing Race team, detectives Louie & Michael. “It was definitely unexpected, but at the time, we were in the lead, in the top 3, and my mission was to just go tackle it, finish it and move on and maintain that lead. Unfortunately, that task was something you couldn’t mentally prepare for, couldn’t physically prepare for. It was just a surprise that came out of nowhere,” Heidi says. She and her husband, Joe, feel that Louie & Michael chose to U-Turn them because they were clearly a threat.

“I think they also saw us as a strong, competitive team. It was their opportunity to take anybody down and they decided it would be us. Joe and I have been married for 13 years. We’ve known each other for so long. We’re good communicators. We never had a communication issue on the race. These are all strengths that could be intimidating,” she says.

Joe & Heidi Wang say that appearing on CBS‘ The Amazing Race has opened many doors for the future. So what’s next for the couple? “I recently left my job. I’m going to make my $1 million pursuing other areas with my key strengths. There are some opportunities that came around, so I’m just investigating them to get the next multimillion dollars,” Joe says. As for Heidi, she’s considering a career change. “A lot of new opportunities have opened up, whether it’s guest-speaking or light acting on the side. There are a lot of things out there that we’re definitely evaluating and exploring,” she says.

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