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Dancing With The Stars: Aiden Turner Talks Choreography, Costumes, and Competition

March 16, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


The tenth season of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is slated to debut in less than a week and sexy soap star Aiden Turner is among the eleven celebrities gearing up for the show. As the premiere inches closer, Turner talks about helping with choreography, his costume preferences, and which competitor he fears the most…

The premiere of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars‘ tenth season is almost here! The eleven celebrity competitors have been working hard with their dance pro partners to prepare for their first night on the dance floor. Among those competitors: British soap star, Aiden Turner. Turner opens up about his painful rehearsals with partner Edyta Sliwinksa and what fans can expect from his run on the show.

“The first few days were really intense,” Turner says of his rehearsals with dance pro Edyta Sliwinska. “She took me from not knowing any of these dances to going through all the different types, but each day I’m progressing. Edyta’s a great teacher and she’s really patient. I’m trying very hard to do everything she says, and slowly but surely it’ll come together. My hips are moving — still not as much as she would like. She’s got some awesome moves in the choreography and I came up with a few things that she likes.”

That’s right, Aiden Turner has actually helped add his own bit of choreography to his Dancing With the Stars routine. He says, “Rehearsals get really, really intense and I have all these moves in my mind. So when we take a break, I screw around for three or four minutes and I did a handstand, like I run and push off my hands. So I’m not actually choreographing, but we put that in there. I get a little bit of credit, I guess!”

There’s another factor on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars that Aiden Turner would like some say on: the costumes. “I’m going to stay clear of any crazy costumes like Cameron [Mathison, his All My Children co-star]. I don’t know what he was thinking with the Superman. Maybe he was really getting into it. I’m not sure if those things always go over well.”

With the competition just days away, are there any celebrities that Turner fears on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars?  ”Maybe [Evan] Lysacek. He’s an Olympic gold medalist. I’m not going to lie — it is kind of intimidating knowing there is an Olympic champion there. I’ve nicknamed him Evan Almighty.”

Even with an Olympian vying for the mirrorball trophy on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars, Turner is confident of his own abilities. “It’s not only about talent or how well you dance. If you’re not having a good time or showing, you know, the razzle-dazzle on the floor … people may not vote for you and your scores may be lower too. There are different dynamics on this show that result in your scores and votes. I need to be myself, have as much fun as possible, really work hard for the people who don’t know me so they can see who I am.”

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