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Millionaire Matchmaker: Eco-Friendly Ego Maniacs Douglas & Nicole

March 16, 2010 08:04 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, Patti Stanger realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew with her two newest clients, Douglas, the gay ego-maniac, and Nicole, who is not what she seems to be… Keep reading to find out why!


When Patti meets Douglas for the first time, he is doing a photo shoot for the eco-friendly clothing line he owns. He is very passionate about being green, but he is way too into himself. He thinks he is the cats meow, and said that he was way too good for anyone he has ever dated, and Patti tells him he is narcissistic. He wants a good looking guy in great shape. How can she possibly find him a date good enough to meet his high standards? The only way to tell is with a small dinner party of a few men instead of a mixer.

Next she moves onto Nicole, who coincidently is also very eco-friendly , and is an event planner. But there is one problem.. she is beautiful, but totally acts like a man! She is very successful, but also with very high standards. She also wants to take whoever Patti sets her up on a date with to tour a bunch of toxic plants in the area, what she called a Toxic Tour, so he sees what she is all about. This is where she puts up her dukes when Patti tells her that it is not an idea she should go with, and Nicole tells her that she is doing and that is final. Patti agrees, if she can at least let the guy plan dinner. Thank god they agreed because I really did not want to see Patti take this girl on!

Well, at least Patti has to only recruit men for these clients on tonight’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Her only thing is she tries to find out which ones are capable of impressing the high standards of her eco-friendly clients. She actually picks a guy who is missing a bottom tooth and has crazy hair to teach Douglas a lesson about being superficial. She also decides to bring back Mark, the guy that the crazy nut Shauna ran away from in a previous episode. She picks three men for Nicole, and three for Douglas.

The night of the intimate dinner arrives, and Douglas and Nicole take time to talk to all of the men, seeing who is straight and who is gay. In a rush for time, Patti tells them that they need to choose who they would like to go on a date with. She sits Nicole down with the three men for the dinner, and she criticizes the first guy she talks to, trying to intimidate them and test them. She ends up choosing Bruce, which made one of the other guys, Mark, say that she picked him because he is reserved and has no balls! No one has ever walked out of one of Patti’s functions because they did not get picked.. sounds like someone is a sore loser.


When one of the men asks Douglas a question about dating or about his best qualities, he seems uninterested unless the conversation focuses on his good looks or his business. He actually criticizes Destin when he tells him that he is boring, and Douglas tells him that it is because Destin is straight. He also tells his prospective dates that he wants someone who will also help him in his eco-friendly business. Does this guy want an assistant or a boyfriend? Well, he chose David, a cute guy from Guam who went on a date previously with one of Patti’s clients whose relationship went nowhere.

For their date, Douglas takes David, who is afraid of heights, on a hot air balloon ride. This gives them time to be alone and talk, but the noise from the balloon ride interrupts them alot. Then they move on to a quiet dinner, where Douglas was shocked that David ordered red meat. No matter how hard David tries to get a word in, Doug always seems to focus on himself, which may hurt his chance of seeing David again in the future.

As promised, Nicole takes her dateBruce on a Toxic Tour of L.A., and they see oil refineries, and smell them too. How romantic. Being a millionairess with such high standards you would think she would do something a little more glamourous. But luckily Bruce got to plan the evening’s dinner, which started off with a shot of tequila to loosen them both up. Surprisingly, it works, and they both enjoy dinner alot, but he leaned in for a kiss, and she pulled away. But the good thing is she does want to date  Bruce again. Thank goodness, I think Patti would have a heart attack if she had to deal with this woman much longer.

After the dates, Patti meets with both Nicole and Douglas to find out the outcome. She wants to strangle Douglas for trying to run the show, He blew it with David, and Patti has to go back to the drawing board for this one. As far as Nicole, she and Bruce were compatible, but she did not let him kiss her. Both she and Bruce want to see each other again. At least she was able to match one of these two tough ones up.

The previews for next weeks episode look great! See you after the show!

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if Patti can make another love connection!

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