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America’s Next Top Model: The Pit And The Pendulum

March 17, 2010 08:36 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on America’s Next Top Model, the girls found out that they were doing their first challenge photo shoot wearing only one article of clothing! The new make-over looks brought out the confidence in some of the thirteen girls while others waivered and fell in the pit. Only eleven remained after two eliminations tonight. Was your favorite among them?


Jay Manuel began the show by explaining to the girls that their very first photo shoot would be in the nude with each girl choosing an article of clothing to model. The girls ran toward a clothed mannequin in a frenzy to grab the article that would provide the most body coverage. Jessica was terrified as her family is very religious and she went for the shorts while Raina was hoping to get the shirt!

Jonathan Mannion was the first photographer tonight and many of the girls were very uncomfortable with the nudity, not knowing exactly how to pose. Ren rocked her hat though and Alasia looked hot in a backward shirt even though she exposed more than what Jay Manuel was hoping to see.

Tyra Banks sent pirate mail and told the girls that only twelve would go on after their meeting with the judges tomorrow. Of course the girls did their catty shinanigans saying that Krista would be next going home as Jay thought that she only looked great when he covered up her face!


Nigel Barker, Sally Hershberger and Andre Leon Talley, the man to impress if you want to get on top of the fashion industry were the judges tonight along with Tyra Banks for the first elimination on America’s Next Top Model.


The girls best shots were shown and Ren, Brenda, Tatianna and Simone came out on top, while Gabrielle, Nadua, Alasia and Krista were given the thumbs down. After the judges deliberated Jessica won the first photo shoot and would have her image displayed as digital art for one week in the New York loft. The first girl going home tonight on America’s Next Top Model was Gabrielle and Alasia was saved as Andre Leon Talley said that he loved Alasia’s shot and would hang it up in his salon.

“Why did the model cross the road?” was the next Tyra mail. Naduah once again spoke of her cult experiences and the fact that she has had a lot of experience modeling, including International fashion week and Playboy, but a few of the girls were seeing that the stories were not matching up.

The girls met up with J. Alexander (Miss J) who gave the girls cat walk lessons. Alasia was having a terrible time tonight. Their second lesson was to walk across the busy street in New York, while taking off their jackets, in order to work on their pacing. Miss J and the other girls watched from a window above and critiqued each one.

The next Tyra mail was, “Tomorrow you will really need to be in the swing of things.” The next day was the the first runway challenge! The girls would be walking in a Rachel Roy fashion show. The winner of the challenge would be featured on Rachel Roy’s website and given the outfit they were wearing.

The girls had to walk the runway and time their pace in order to prevent from being hit by a pendulum that was swinging on the catwalk. Simone was hit by the pendulum and tried to recover along with Jessica and Krista. Poor Alexandra fell down the stairs and as she tried to recover by looking fierce, she was caught off guard and was knocked right off the catwalk twice. Brenda won the challenge, and her outfit along with Jessica, for being the first elimination winner.

Back at the loft, Ren told Alasia to, “shut the (you get it) up,” which caused a major spat. Alasia then snapped on a few girls and her last words to Ren were, “I know where you sleep dog!”

The next Tyra mail was, “Make your mark before you disappear.” The girls pulled up to a building in Brooklyn where they were doing their first beauty shot for a new fragrance. They had to spray perfume on themselves which was tinted blue and get a perfect shot while fending off extreme weather conditions!

Alasia over-analyzed everything during her shoot and Alexandra’s shoot began to look too Vogue. When Alexandra began to feel the emotion of the shoot she did very well. Some of the girls thought Nadua was being over-confident and as she was on the set Jay Manuel felt that she was fighting with her face the whole time. Anslee was gorgeous and so was Raina who could look beautiful while straight on in the camera.

The pirate mail that evening from Tyra explained that only eleven would be going on in the morning.


With guest judge Rachel Roy on the panel, Tyra Banks went through the girls best shots. Once again the judges deliberated, nattering back and forth as to what was hot and what was not. The girl with the best photo in the perfume shoot was Raina who was excited to have her shot displayed for a week in the loft. The next girl going home tonight on America’s Next Top Model was Nadua even though Ren’s photo looked like a swine flu ad for H1N1.

Next week, the girls receive a surprise visit from cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones, who puts their fashion knowledge to the test and their next photo shoot is dance-inspired and forces the girls to pose while demonstrating their fancy footwork.

Stay tuned for that episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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