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Shear Genius: African American Hair, Kimberly Kimble & Estelle

March 17, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


Even though it is down to five contestants on Shear Genius on Bravo, there is still plenty more cutting to be done and not only of hair… As the group gets smaller, tensions run higher, and stylists are hitting below the belt! Keep reading to hear the details!


The remaining contestants, Janine, Matthew, Brig, Brian and Jon are not only eager to start their newest challenge, but are also eager to cut wach other out of the competition. For their shortcut challenge, they meet five girls who are graduating high school and need a new look for Prom season. This challenge is about texture of hair, and tonight they are dealing with African-American hair. Celebrity hairstylist Kimberly Kimble is the guest Judge for tonight, and tells the stylists how to deal with this texture of hair.

As each contestant chooses a formal dress that matches each client, these young girls get in the hot seats for a brand new look for their formal season. Jon is a little scared because although he has cut this texture of hair before, he has never had the opportunity to style it. Brian feels totally comfortable with his client, using a straightening iron to create her new look. As the contestants are working, Kimberly comes in to check on their work. She looks at Matthew’s client making sure he gives her an age appropriate hairstyle. Brig has attached a teased piece of hair to her client’s real hair, and is going for an up-do. Janine, inspired by a hairstyle once worn by Gwen Stefani, tries to create the look on her client.

As time is up, the clients are revealed not only with their new hairstyle, but also wearing their prom gowns. Matthew’s client looks like she has the hair of an older woman, and just did not look right. Janine’s client had a beautiful side up-do which was accessorised with colors from her dress, and she was very happy. Jon’s client had her hair pulled back in a frizzy bunched up messy style. Kimberly likes Brian’s style, although it made his client look like a young girl instead of an older look. Kimberly is not impressed with Brig’s style, and loved Brian and Janine’s styles. There can only be one winner, and that winner this time is Janine, who gets to choose her model first for the elimination challenge, and as a bonus gets to pair the other contestants with the remaining models.

After the challenge, buddies Matthew and Janine strike up a conversation with Brian, where they continue to bash Brig. They want her to be voted off so bad, but each week she manages to hang on to the next challenge. Jon goes as far as dressing up as Brig and roller skating around their condo.


Now it is on to the elimination challenge on this episode of Shear Genius on Bravo, where they meet guest Judge Estelle, a Grammy Award winning singer from London. The contestants will be styling the hair of the VIP guests at a red carpet event and listening party honoring Estelle. Janine chooses her client first, and then gives the other contestants their models, giving Brig the girl with the frizziest, thickest hair, which Brig says is totally on purpose. They must give their clients a hairstyle from the sixties and seventies.

Back at the Nexxus Salon, the clock is ticking as Janine tries to make her client look like Diana Ross, and Jon is having a hard time convincing his client to dye her hair a darker color. Brig wants to cut her clients hair off alot, and Matthew makes his client look like a seventies cocktail waitress. Janine overhears Brig say she wants her client to look like Diana Ross as well, and both women are clearly pissed off at each other. As time is up, each client is introduced on the red carpet for the Estelle event. Each style is revealed, and Matthew is convinced that he and Janine will be in the top two, as usual.

Judges Jonathan Antin, Kim Vo, Estelle and host Camila Alves are impressed with the style chosen, however, they were not impressed with Matthew’s client because you could see her roots. They said Brian missed the mark on his client, who Jonathan said looked like a heroin addict. Next the Judges ripped apart Brig, and she tries to stand up to Jonathan which was a big mistake, telling her he could have done her hairstyle in six minutes. Brian’s hairstyle was also a hit with the judges. However, there can be only one winner of this challenge on Shear Genius on Bravo. Janine and Jon are told to come forward by the judges as the top two contestants. Ultimately, Janine is chosen as the winner, which seems to happen alot. But this also means one person must go, and the bottom two are Brig and Brian. You can tell the remaining stylists want Brig to finally be cut. In a shocking decision, they decide that it is the final cut for Brian, who is sent home. I, for one, cannot believe that Brig is still in this competition.

There’s always next week…. See you after the show!!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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