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Ghost Hunters: Spooky St. Patrick’s Day

March 18, 2010 12:14 PM by Ryan Haidet


In a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the team on Ghost Hunters investigated a haunted Irish pub — Paddy Reilly’s Pub in New York City.  At the creepy location there were reports of strange sounds, shadows, doors that close on their own and full-bodied apparitions.  But there were also situations where one person claimed to see a spirit riding an exercise bike with somebody else spotting a ghost that looks like Gene Hackman.

Without wasting any time, the TAPS team set up their equipment and shut all the lights out to start their search for spirits.  Jason and Grant sat in one of the rooms and asked the spirit to give them a sign of its presence.  After their request, Jason and Grant heard a series of noises, but could not find the origins.  Upon their search, they figured the sounds were more mechanical than paranormal.

Meanwhile, Amy and Kris investigated the area surrounding the bar.  During their questions to the spirits, the girls heard some footsteps above them.  They just figured it was the nature of the old building, but as soon as they discredited the sounds, a side door rattled.  Upon more investigation, the girls saw the door had three locks on it, so it could have been somebody outside trying to open the door.  Paranormal?  Nope.

After a lackluster night, the TAPS team wrapped up their investigation and packed up their supplies.  In the traditional reveal, Jason and Grant had no hard evidence of anything paranormal.

On To The Next…

The TAPS team then went to the Harriet Beecher Stowe house in Hartford, Connecticut.  The famous author, who penned “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” moved in the house in 1873 — both she and her husband died there.  Jason didn’t participate in the investigation since he stayed home to tend to his sick children.

Their tour guide said that there has been an interest in the paranormal inside the house for quite some time — even Stowe herself had done seances when she lived there.  Some of the reports included sounds of footsteps, shades that move on their own, a general sense of uneasiness and a white flash of light.

After setting up their equipment, as always the TAPS team turned the lights out and started searching for spirits.  Grant and Steve joined together in a room and put two devices on the floor.  As they asked questions, the devices started reacting almost like something was answering their questions.  But nothing too earth shattering.

Amy and Kris were in the dining room when they heard the sounds of footsteps from above.  They rushed upstairs to investigate, but found nothing that would have caused the noises.

Even though the location was really neat and spooky, this investigation seemed uneventful as well.  Their reveal only featured a few strange sounds — but nothing solid enough to label as paranormal.

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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