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Models Of The Runway: Girls Night Out

March 18, 2010 08:29 PM by Lisa Princ

The runway show is over and the models are back on another new episode of Models of the Runway on Lifetime. This week the models are headed for a girls night out, but will they be able to enjoy it or worry about elimination the entire time? See who gets eliminated this week by clicking below for all the details!

After teasing Valeria for a bit about her “crush” on Seth Aaron, Heidi Klum sends the girls to get some individual makeup lessons where they learn how to create their favorite looks for themselves instead of having someone else do it for them. Then, the girls head out for a girls night out on the town to ease their minds a little. Lorena and Brittany however, are unable to go out as they are still underage, which seems to please the older girls just fine.

Holly really tried to keep elimination off her mind as she became the life of the party at the girls night out on Models of the Runway on Lifetime. Holly was pretty confident that despite her being Amy’s model this week (even though, Emilio would choose her again. Brandise, while happy to work with Emilio is hoping that Mila will choose her again as they work so well together. Hope both girls get what they wish for.


After their girls night out, it was elimination time on Models of the Runway on Lifetime and Emilio was up first to choose, followed by Seth since they were the winners of the challenge. Emilio chose Lorena in a shocker, while Seth chose Valeria yet again. Up next, Jonathan chose Cerri as normal, and Anthony chose Kristina over Monique. Mila chose Brandise and was thrilled to get her back.

With Monique, Holly and Brittany left on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, Maya was up next and chose Monique. Last up to choose was Jay and he decided to stay with Brittany, big shocker there. So this means Holly is out, despite the fact that she is by far one of the best. On to bigger and better things for Holly!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 11 PM EST for a brand new episode of Models of the Runway. See you after the show!

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