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Project Runway: New York City

March 18, 2010 07:58 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight, Heidi Klum and the gang are back for a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime. This week, the contestants are headed to New York City…but that’s not all, they are also paired up into teams. How will they handle the pressure of being paired up in the big city? Keep reading for all the fashion filled details!

Tim Gunn joins the contestants of Project Runway on Lifetime, and informs them that for their challenge this week they will be headed to New York City. But not just for shopping, for inspiration as well. It doesn’t end there though, as Tim Gunn continues to tell them that they will paired up in teams this week as well. He has randomly chosen the team leaders, who will then choose their partner as well which of 4 area’s in New York City that they would to go and get their inspiration from.

The teams on this week’s episode of Project Runway on Lifetime will be: Anthony & Maya, Emilio & Seth, Amy & Jonathan and Jay & Mila. Jay, who was the last chosen team leader was not too happy to get stuck with Mila. The other part of their New York City challenge is that they must not only create one look, but two….one for day and one for evening. Then Tim Gunn advises them all to not assume that a team leader will not go home this week.


The teams must then choose one of four areas of New York City in which they would like to get their inspiration from on Project Runway on Lifetime. Anthony & Maya got Chinatown for their inspiration, while Amy & Jonathan chose the Upper East Side. Seth & Emilio went with Harlem which gave them a denim inspiration. Lastly, Jay & Mila chose the East Village leading them to graffiti for their inspiration.

As Tim Gunn takes a quick look at the fashion designers’ progress, he is not too sure that Jonathan and Amy will be able to finish their more complicated dress designs. Emilio, who desperately did not want to be paired with Mila, is laughing in the corner while he watches Mila & Jay struggle to agree. Anthony is concerned that their daytime look is starting to look evening, while Emilio thinks that Jonathan & Amy are not going to finish in time. Meanwhile, Jay & Mila are still having differences of opinion, as Mila says she is going to make sure the judges know who did what, and Jay is worried that Mila is going to throw him under the bus….can’t we all just get along??


Heidi Klum is back as it is now runway time on Project Runway on Lifetime. Emilio & Seth and Anthony & Maya were the names the top two of the New York City inspiration fashion challenge. Emilio & Seth represented Harlem with their denim looks, one a daytime pantsuit and the other an elegant evening gown. Anthony & Amy represented Chinatown with their inspiration of their daytime look coming from the details of the buildings, and the evening dress inspiration coming from the paper lanterns they saw there. The winner of the New York City fashion challenge are both Emilio and Seth! Way to go guys!

Next up on Project Runway were the two lowest scores of the New York City inspiration fashion challenge: Jonathan & Amy and Jay & Mila. All the judges agreed that Jonathan & Amy’s daytime look, a bright orange pleated shirt, just did not look polished and did not remind them of the Upper East Side. Jay & Maya, who went with the East Village also got some disappointments on their day look which looked like a tank top with balloon pants. Unfortunately, someone has to go home this week. With only Jay and Amy left on the runway the person who is out is Amy. Best of luck Amy, I am sure we will see you again in the future!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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