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The Marriage Ref: Jason Alexander, Martha Stewart, & Cedric The Entertainer

March 18, 2010 08:26 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of The Marriage Ref on NBC, celebrity guests Jason Alexander, Martha Stewart, and Cedric the Entertainer work with Tom Papa to solve a few marital disputes. The four couple’s on tonight’s show are dealing with conflicts about living arrangements, hotel toiletries, badminton addictions, and musical aspirations. Keep reading for more details on these interesting family feuds…

The first couple looking for help on tonight’s episode of The Marriage Ref is Pat and Mimi, an Indiana-based husband and wife that have been married for 35 years. Their debate? Where to live. Mimi wants the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, while Pat wants to move to Amish Country. Mimi craves fun and excitement but Pat longs for peace and quiet. Besides, Mimi worries that she’s too fashionable for a small Indiana town. One look at her crocheted flower sweater settles that argument. Let’s see how the The Marriage Ref is directed by his celebrity panel.


Martha Stewart is the first to weigh in diagnosing this as a serious problem. She also thinks she could give Mimi some tips to jazz up her sweater. I have to disagree. Those crocheted flowers are craptastic all on their own! Cedric the Entertainer thinks Pat should be worried that Mimi might leave him for Abe Bagota out in LA. Jason Alexander thinks he’s just seen a clip of Costanzas. Cedric and Martha side with Pat on this one, but Jason votes for Mimi in an effort to shut her up. The Marriage Ref is ready to make The Call: Mimi wins! Perhaps the real winner is America because Mimi has announced that when the show is over, her sweater will be for sale on eBay. Pardon me for a second while I try to snatch that baby up. Must. Outbid. Everyone!

The next couple seeking counsel from The Marriage Ref and his celebrity panel is Sam and Pam, a New Jersey pair that’s been married for a year. Sam has a weird obsession with stealing and hoarding hotel toiletries. In an effort to “prepare for the future,” Sam has filled nearly every drawer in their bathroom with mini soap bars, shampoo and conditioner, shoe polish, shaving kits, and cotton balls. Has everyone in the future abandoned personal hygiene practices? Future preparedness or no, Pam thinks he’s a thief.

Martha Stewart comes clean and admits that she steals the shower caps from hotels, but Cedric ups the ante by admitting that he likes to steal the robes. Jason thinks the whole thing is crazy and that Sam has gone too far. Martha fears that Sam must also be stealing from the hotel housekeeping carts to have gathered so much. Cedric thinks hotels charge too much so more power to Sam. Jason Alexander has the perfect solution: turn Sam into the Robin Hood of Fairlawn, New Jersey by making him give away his stolen toiletries to the less fortunate. When it comes time to vote, the panel is divided again. Martha and Jason think Sam’s behavior is weird but they don’t think it’s stealing. Cedric, on the other hand, thinks Sam needs help so he’s voting for Pam. After calling Sam a nervous squirrel, The Marriage Ref gives him the victory!

NUP_139192The third couple on tonight’s episode is Naveen and Shan. They’ve been married for two years and seem quite happy together, except that Naveen is obsessed with badminton and Shan hates it. Apparently, Naveen is so great at bandminton he’s won trophies and medals. I know what you’re thinking…there are enough legitimate badminton players in the world that organized tournaments exist??! Shocking.

The Marriage Ref refers to the celebrity guest panel for help yet again. According to our Just the Facts gal, NBC news correspondent Natalie Morales, Naveen spends about 8 hours per week playing badminton. The panel doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Naveen having a hobby and speculates that maybe after a few more years of marriage, Shan will appreciate the time away from him. All three celebs vote in favor of Naveen so it’s no surprise that The Marriage Ref deems him the winner.

The final couple facing The Marriage Ref and the celebrity panel is Kelvin and Kathy. Despite lacking any real talent, Kelvin wants to go on tour as a back-up singer for six months.  Who offered this guy a paying job to sing back-up?!? Naturally, Kathy is a little unsure that she trusts her husband to be away from her for that long. The celebrity panel are all in agreement that Kelvin seems like a bit of a player and probably shouldn’t be trusted. However, Kelvin has been dreaming about being a singer for over 20 years, so Martha Stewart, Jason Alexander, and Cedric the Entertainer think that Kathy should support him in his goals.


The Marriage Ref lays down the law for Kelvin: he can go on tour but only if he takes Kathy with him. If Kelvin isn’t willing to take Kathy on the road all the time, he has to let her check up on him once in awhile. Kelvin doesn’t seem particularly thrilled with either of these solutions, but honestly, who cares? Is the guy really ever going to have a singing offer? Doubtful. All four couples on tonight’s episode are awarded a second honeymoon courtesy of NBC and Royal Caribbean.

Check out a new episode of The Marriage Ref next week on NBC with returning celebrity guest panel, Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kelly Ripa.

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