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American Idol: Bo Bice Chops Off 15 Inches of Hair

March 19, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Bo Bice, the second place runner up in American Idol‘s fourth season is releasing a new album in May and in preparation, he’s given himself a whole new look! The long-haired, laid-back star recently chopped off 15 inches of his hair–donating part of it to Locks of Love–in an effort to unveil a brand new Bo Bice. Keep reading for more details on his dramatic haircut and his new musical style…

Fans of American Idol remember Bo Bice as the guy who very nearly beat Carrie Underwood on the show’s fourth season. Although he hasn’t achieved quite the same level of fame as some of his American Idol counterparts, Bice has put out two previous albums and is gearing up to release a third this May. His new album, 3, will be available on May 18th and fans can expect something a bit different from the American Idol runner-up.

“I have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements,” Bice says. And what better way to unveil a new sound than with a new look? To prepare for the musical changes, Bice decided to give himself a little physical makeover by chopping off 15 inches of his long locks. “With all these new aspects going on in my career, it was just another thing that I felt needed a bit of change.”

To make the transition easier, the American Idol star cut his hair in two different shifts. He recently chopped 10 inches that he donated to Locks of Love, followed by another cut where he had an additional five inches of hair cut off. “It was a gradual change for this long-haired country boy,” he says. He tells People magazine that it’s just “new music, new look” but the “same Bo Bice.”

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