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Amazing Race: Champagne Challenges In France!

March 21, 2010 07:44 PM by Nancy Floyd

The Amazing Race 16

On tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, the seven remaining teams travel across France for champagne-themed Roadblocks and Detours. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s tension-filled, dramatic episode as Steve & Allie wreck a car, Brent & Caite bicker the whole way, and fan favorites Jeff & Jordan fight to get out of last place…

Tonight on a new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, the seven remaining teams continue their journey in France. Louie & Michael are the first team to start tonight’s leg of the race and must drive to Reims, France to find a Joan of Arc statue for their next clue. Steve & Allie are close behind them in second place, with Jet & Cord and Carol & Brandy on their heels. The weather is freezing as the remaining teams head out in search of Joan of Arc. Dan & Jordan are a bit frustrated by what poor English the people of France speak. Seriously. Is it any wonder why the French hate Americans?

The Amazing Race 16

Steve & Allie are the first to arrive at the Joan of Arc statue to receive their next clue, a cork that reads Champagne Leclerc-Briant. Jet & Cord and Louie & Michael arrive at the same time, with Dan & Jordan shortly behind. Jet & Cord remember that there’s a town called Champagne about 40 kilometers away so they hop in their car without any hesitation. Meanwhile, the other teams take time to stop at the tourism office to ask for assistance and realize they’re looking for a town called Epernay.

Brent & Caite and Jeff & Jordan are the last two teams to leave the Pit Stop and set out on tonight’s leg of the race. On the drive to Reims, Jeff & Jordan discuss exactly who Joan of Arc is. Jordan, being the natural genius she is, tells Jeff that Joan is the woman who gathered all of the animals on the ark. Someone revoke this girl’s Mensa card immediately.

Louie & Michael and Dan & Jordan are the first two teams to arrive at Leclerc-Briant and discover tonight’s Roadblock. One person from each team must rappel over 100 feet into the caverns of the winery to find a specially marked bottle of champagne. They must then use a saber to slice the cork off the bottle and find the clue inside. Jordan is the first racer to rappel, but has trouble finding the marked bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Jet & Cord arrive in the town of Champagne and finally ask for directions only to realize they’re in the wrong city altogether.

Back at the winery, Jordan finally finds the champagne bottle he’s looking for and meets back up with Dan to slice the cork off. Lots of high-pitched screaming ensues! The next clue has The Amazing Race teams heading for Taittinger La Marquetterie, a chateau and vineyard in a nearby village. While Louie and Steve rappel into the winery caverns, Brent & Caite arrive at the wrong statue and immediately start bickering. Carol & Brandy arrive at the Roadblock as Steve & Allie are finishing up. Louie & Michael and Dan & Jordan stop to get directions to Taittinger La Marquetterie at two different places and are given conflicting directions about where it’s located. Louie & Michael are being escorted by Porsche to Pierry, while Dan & Jordan are heading back to Reims.
The Amazing Race 16

Brent & Caite finally find the Joan of Arc statue and are on their way to the winery in Epernay. Carol & Brandy and Steve & Allie also get conflicting directions about where Taittinger La Marquetterie is located, while Jet & Cord finally arrive at the Roadblock. Jeff & Jordan are the last team to arrive at the Joan of Arc statue, as Louie & Michael‘s personal escort leads them to Taittinger La Marquetterie in first place for tonight’s Detour: Tower or Terra. In Tower, the teams use 680 glasses to build a 15-level tower with one glass on top then fill the entire tower with champagne. In Terra, teams must search one square kilometer to find a specially marked cluster of grapes. Louie & Michael decide to search for the grapes and are shocked at the size of the vineyard.

Meanwhile, Dan & Jordan arrive back in Reims to discover that they’re in the wrong place and must head back to Pierry. Apparently, there are two Taittinger locations (hence the conflicting directions), but the one in Pierry is the one used for tonight’s Amazing Race Detour. They’re not going to be the last team sent to the wrong place tonight. Brent & Caite complete the Roadblock while Jeff & Jordan giggle like teenagers at the lingerie stores they’re driving past. Steve & Allie also arrive in the wrong city looking for Taittinger la Marquetterie and end up cracking the front bumper of their car. Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix.

Louie & Michael finally find the cluster of grapes at the Detour before any other teams arrive. Now they’re off to L’Orrca for tonight’s Pit Stop. Jet & Cord are the next team to arrive in the wrong town while Dan & Jordan finally make it to the Detour and opt to build the champagne tower. Carol & Brandy, on the other hand, decide to search for the grape cluster in tonight’s Detour. Louie & Michael arrive at the Pit Stop in first place for the third week in the row! As a reward, they win a spa trip. I hope CBS does a special on these two detectives enjoying their manicures and pedicures.

Carol & Brandy quickly complete the Detour (with no signs of an emotional breakdown), while Dan & Jordan are still carefully building their tower. Meanwhile, Brent & Caite are still on the hunt for Taittinger La Marquetterie so when they spot Carol & Brandy, they decide to follow them….right to the Pit Stop. Carol & Brandy finish in second place, while Brent & Caite hurry back to find the Detour. Steve & Allie finish the Detour but Jeff & Jordan are the next couple to arrive in the wrong town on their quest for Taittinger La Marquetterie. When Brent & Caite finally arrive at the Detour, they decide to search for the grapes, as do Jet & Cord who are closely behind them. Probably a smart choice considering Dan & Jordan are still struggling to build their champagne tower.

Steve & Allie finish in third place, while Jet & Cord quickly find the cluster of grapes and head towards the Pit Stop. Brent & Caite get in another snippy fight as they wander through the vineyard and they’ve officially morphed into my favorite type of The Amazing Race couple: ones that scream at each other and says terrible things, but remember to call each other ‘Babe’ the entire time. Brilliant. While Brent & Caite are biting each others heads off, Babe, Dan & Jordan are preparing to pour the champagne into their glass tower. It looks a little scary, especially considering the top 4 rows of their tower consist of one glass each.

Due to Caite’s nonstop whining, Brent & Caite decide to switch Detours and start building a glass tower while Dan & Jordan carefully pour their champagne from the largest bottle I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, they’re successful and they head out to the Pit Stop where Jet & Cord have just finished in fourth. Brent & Caite complete their tower, fighting all along, and as Brent is pouring the champagne in the glasses (carefully following Caite’s play-by-play instructions), the tower crumbles and broken glass flies everywhere. As Jeff & Jordan finally arrive at Taittinger La Marquetterie, Brent & Caite have switched back to the other Detour and set out to find those grapes. Jeff & Jordan opt to build the champagne tower and immediately get to work.


Dan & Jordan finish in fifth place and Brent & Caite quickly find the cluster of grapes in the Detour, but Jeff & Jordan aren’t having great luck building their glass tower. As they’re close to finishing it, several of the glasses fall and break, forcing them to head out to the vineyard to search for the grapes. Brent & Caite arrive at the Pit Stop with no problems (since they’ve already been there once today) and finish in sixth place. Unfortunately, night has fallen back at Taittinger La Marquetterie and Jeff & Jordan are forced to use flashlights to search for grapes in the dark. When they finally arrive at the Pit Stop, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan notifies them they’re the last team to arrive and have been eliminated. Noooo!! Say it isn’t so! Can’t CBS send Carol & Brandy or Brent & Caite home instead?! Apparently not. As always, Jeff & Jordan have great attitudes as they say their goodbyes and head home.

Tune into The Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS as the six remaining teams travel to the island of Seychelles.

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