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Celebrity Apprentice: Kodak Moments

March 21, 2010 09:01 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, the celebrities have to create Kodak moments. When illness strikes and tempers flare, will the celebrities crack under the pressure? Will the men pull off another win or will the ladies come up big this week? Keep reading for all the details!

After the men’s big win last week on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Bret Michaels starts off the show tonight by meeting with some children who have diabetes and surprising them with a $100k check for the diabetes association. Then, it is back to business as usual for the celebrities as Donald Trump fills them in on their next challenge. For their next challenge, they will be creating Kodak moments for the people of New York, as they will be creating a store front experience for Kodak as Kodak relaunches their Kodak moments campaign.

Before they start working, the celebrities need to choose their project managers for this challenge. The men go with Sinbad, while the women go with Maria. Maria gets off to a great start full of ideas and the women are working extremely well together on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Then men, however seem to be in a bit of disarray as they cannot get their Kodak moment ideas together. Sinbad has alot of trouble delegating the workload and Brett had to ask him numerous what he wanted Brett to be doing.

Meanwhile on the women’s side on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC they decide to go with a wrestling theme, where people can come in, pose with the celebrities and choose a champion belt to take a photo in. All is moving along smoothly until Sharon who cannot seem to stop coughing, gets doctors’ orders to go home to bed, so she leaves the ladies for the remainder of the day. Hopefully she will be better for the challenge tomorrow.


Back on the men’s team on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC as their Kodak moments’ ideas are starting to make sense, Brett is still wandering around with nothing do and he finally leaves with Bill after nearly exploding in anger on Sinbad who has pretty much ignored him everytime he looked for something to do. The guys spend an hour on the streets taking random pictures of Kodak moments with every day folks. They take these and plan to have a wall mural made for their setup, which will include each celebrity in his own specialty ready to take pictures with whomever wants them.

The next day it’s time to open and Sinbad, who was annoyed that Brett was a few minutes late decided to leave without him…and here I thought women were more dramatic. That was not the only issue for Sinbad either as his mural did not show up and he ended up with a small banner instead. Sharon, who claims she is feeling better despite the fact that she is still coughing, shows up to help the girls. But I think they gave her the wrong task by putting her near the cupcake table on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

As they open the doors for their Kodak moments on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC the men are flocked with people as Darrell seems to draw a large New York crowd. Each guy had his own station…..Brett had a music set with instruments, Curtis, our celebrity chef who can also be seen on The Biggest Loser had a kitchen setup, Michael had a track setup and Darrell had a baseball setup. Instead of wasting time printing any pictures, they handed out cards directing people to Kodak’s website to have their pictures printed out.

The ladies did not seem as busy on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC but there was a line to have a picture taken with Cyndi Lauper. As they began to pickup, they started to lose power from what they assumed was due all the equipment hooked up. This backed up the picture printing in turn leaving the place mobbed where people could not even move. To make matters worse, Sharon continued to cough all over the cupcakes and water…she probably should have stayed home in bed.


Both teams on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC had been visited by secret shoppers who would report back to the Kodak Execs who would be reporting to Donald Trump. The Kodak Execs also made stops at each store, and reported back as well. They loved the men’s setup but did not like the fact that they had no one showing off their products, while they thought the women, or moreso, Summer did a wonderful job of showing off the products. They thought the girls set up was a bit more unorganized with people waiting way to long to have pictures printed out.

When it came down to wire though on Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump announced that the girls had won the challenge and someone from the men’s team was getting fired. When asked who Sinbad would like to bring back in with him, he chose Brett and Rod. Brett for obvious reasons and Rod just because he could not chose any of the other guys as he said they were too strong of competitors. Sadly for Sinbad though, his tactic of trying to blame Brett backfired as they all thought it reflected on his lack of delegation and poor project manager skills, which ended up getting Sinbad fired!

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. See you after the show!

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