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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Heathcock Family and Christian Slater!

March 21, 2010 05:58 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team, headed by Ty Pennington, will help the Heathcock family. Sherman Heathcock is currently in Iraq, while his wife and three kids live in a home which was damaged structurally by Hurricane Katrina.  Actor Christian Slater will chip in to help on this week’s episode. Continue reading for details…

On Door Knock Day, the Heathcock family are overwhelmed and tearful as they greet Ty and the designers. They learn they will be going to Disney World while the house is dealt with!

Ty and Gina go through the existing house to examine the significant damage. Paige and Michael get down to the business of finding out what the kids are into – dolls, science & sports, and one has started a green kids club to encourage recycling!


Gina tells Ty how much she misses Sherman, and wishes he could be there since he deserves it more than anyone. The family gets their mystery gift from Ty, meets the huge group of volunteers, and then leave in the limo for their vacation.

Christian Slater arrives on the bus to help out. Ty is thrilled to have a guy who has made so many great movies working with them! Christian is honored to have the chance to support the troops in this way, and to have the opportunity to give back. Ty introduces Christian to the family via laptop. Next, Gina and the kids get to open their mystery gift – it’s a ringing cellphone with Sherman on the other end. But the biggest surprise comes up behind them – Sherman himself! Ty, Christian, and the rest of the design team watch with tears in their eyes as Gina and the kids greet Sherman ecstatically. Gina later calls it the best moment of her life!


The Heathcock family watches together as their damaged home is demolished – first inside by the design team (Christian Slater says he’s never had more fun in his whole life) – and then outside, as John drives the excavator up and does the rest of the house in!

Ty Pennington and Christian Slater make a heart-shaped box for Sherman’s letters home to be kept in, while the rest of the design team get to work on the kids’ bedroom themes. Ty contacts Sherman on the sly to ask him to write a special letter to his family.

Back down at Disney World, the Heathcock family meets The Jonas Brothers (much to the delight of eldest daughter, Annie) as well as icon, Celine Dion.

The team goes to Camp Shelby to arrange for care packages to be sent to Iraq from Operation Homefront. Ty and Christian contact the family via video to let them in on what they are doing, and to tell them that a college fund has been established for the kids – the Heathcocks are floored.


Soon the house is done, the landscaping is getting its finishing touches, and Paige hollers for the furniture to be brought in. Christian Slater calls the project the most rewarding thing he’s ever done.

The Heathcock limo pulls up for the reveal and the family emerges to the screams from the crowd. Some pals from Iraq start the ‘Move that bus,” chant via video, and the volunteers pick it up. The bus pulls away and the family jumps up and down and cries with joy! Sherman and Gina thank the builders from AAA Homes and Christian Slater before heading in to check out their home.


Inside, Gina and Annie hop like bunnies as they survey the huge, new kitchen, and soon Ty comes in to join them.  Upstairs, the Heathcock son is shocked into silence by the perfection of his sports/science room, and the girls love their rooms, which feature a dollhouse, and green theme respectively.  Michael comes in and shows Annie that they’ve established a website and business cards for her organization, and Christian Slater vows to help out with that as well.

Ty shows Sherman and Gina their master bedroom, which features Sherman’s letters in the decor. They open the heart-shaped letterbox which holds the newest letter from Sherman to Gina – she reads it out loud.  Ty brings them down to the front porch for a final surprise – John tells them USAA has paid off their mortgage, and will also provide a financial planner for the next five years! Sherman and Gina both cry with gratefulness.  Ty welcomes them home.

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One Response to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Heathcock Family and Christian Slater!”

  1. PatriotPaul Says:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Having been a tourist trapped in the Superdome during Katrina, I don’t think I can watch this episode as I would be balling my eyes out. Huge thanks to Christian and the entire Extreme Makeover crew. You have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

    Paul Harris
    Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”


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