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Undercover Boss: GSI Commerce

March 21, 2010 08:59 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss on CBS follows Michael G. Rubin, the young CEO of GSI Commerce as he goes undercover in his own company. Keep reading to find out how the corporate bigwig does when he’s required to pack boxes, handle angry phone calls, and load trucks…

Tonight on Undercover Boss, Michael G. Rubin, the CEO of GSI Commerce, is going to find out what life is really like for the employees of his company. GSI Commerce is an e-commerce business, facilitating the online sales for companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Aeropostale, and the NFL. Michael is a workaholic who seems to neglect his family in favor of the business. After breaking the news to his executive board, Michael is taking a week to explore the inner workings of the company for Undercover Boss.

Michael’s first job as the Undercover Boss is in Kentucky at a Fulfillment Center where they pack and ship online orders. Every day, 75,000 packages are shipped from this specific facility. Michael’s supervisor for the day is Rashelle and his first task is to load trucks. As the boxes are piling into the truck, Michael struggles to stack them quickly, loading them haphazardly on top of one another. He’s so hurried at one point that he accidentally smacks Rashelle in the face with a box. Awesome. Due to the poor job Michael does at stacking boxes, he’s moved to a different job: sorting boxes. As he works alongside Rashelle, Michael’s impressed with her innovative ideas and strong work ethic.

Michael’s second day as the Undercover Boss is at a call center in Florida working with Adam in Escalations, the department that handles calls from unhappy customers. Michael listens in on a few calls as Adam deals with ticked off customers before fielding some of his own. Getting screamed at all day is certainly not an easy job, but Adam seems to handle it well, never buckling under the pressure. When Michael and Adam sit down for a chat in the break room, I begin to prepare myself for a moving heart-to-heart. Sure enough, within minutes, Adam shares with Michael that he lost his daughter at birth. Not surprisingly, Michael is moved by Adam’s story and misses his own family. Adam also reveals that after his daughter’s death, he and his fiancee have put their wedding plans on hold while they try to save up money to buy the cemetery plots beside their daughter.

Next Michael is working with Danielle handling more angry phone calls. Michael accepts a call from a very unhappy customer but he’s unable to remedy the situation. Danielle steps in, hijacks the call, and proceeds to be completely rude  to the woman on the phone (while Michael squirms in his seat, clearly wanting to blow his cover and fire her on the spot). I, on the other hand, am having flashbacks to every complaint phone call I’ve ever made to a call center where the rep on the other end was a total jerkface.


Day three of Undercover Boss finds Michael back at the Kentucky Fulfillment Center working with Shannon to pack boxes. If there was a tournament for fastest box assembly, Shannon would totally win it. She’d be the greatest asset on moving day ever. Michael on the other hand takes about 20 minutes to tape each box. At lunch, Shannon opens up about her family and how she has to work seven days a week, keeping her away from her sons. Money is a struggle for her, especially since her kids are involved in football. It’s back to work for Michael and Shannon but after a few more hours of trying to pack boxes, Michael gets fired for screwing up and working too slowly.

Michael’s final job on tonight’s Undercover Boss is the night shift at the Fulfillment Center in Kentucky. Michael’s working with Cameron to pull boxes and products from throughout the warehouse. The two men race all over the massive warehouse searching for the packages they need before taking a break so Cameron can spend time with his daughter. Not surprisingly, Cameron shares his life story with Michael which involves living on the streets in Detroit and having a rough relationship with his father. Michael and Cameron compete in a challenge to see who can pull the most items. Even with other employees helping him cheat, Michael gets schooled by Cameron.

Now it’s time for Michael to reveal his true identity to the employees he worked with during his time as the Undercover Boss. Everyone is shocked when they learn who Michael really is. Michael was so impressed with Rashelle’s work ethic that he offers her a full-time job with the company. He was also impressed with Cameron’s hard-working attitude that he gives him the opportunity to train to be a manager, in addition to a gift card for $1,000 to buy Christmas presents for his daughter. Michael plans to make a $5,000 donation to Shannon’s son’s football league to help her out.

Next, it’s time for Michael to come face-to-face with Danielle and deal with her bad behavior. After Michael gives Danielle a serious rebuke, Danielle apologizes profusely and manages to keep her job. For now anyways. Lastly, Michael meets with Adam and gives him $10,000 towards his wedding.

Michael holds a company-wide event to share his experience as the Undercover Boss. The humorous highlight reel rolls to the audience’s delight and Michael talks about how the experience has made him a better man, blah, blah, blah. A where-are-they-now montage reveals that Danielle is no longer with the company (shocker) and Adam is planning his dream wedding.

Tune in next week to Undercover Boss on CBS when the CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment goes undercover in his company.

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2 Responses to “Undercover Boss: GSI Commerce”

  1. daniellemcampbll Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    I know that you were not there… Did you ever imagine, 1. I did not have but a few hours of training, and 2. They cut out the majority of that call? FYI me not being there has nothing to do with the show, and there was no retraining. I opted out demote myself because I wanted more customer service experience as I was a former collector.

  2. Christine McDow Says:
    March 24th, 2010 at 5:29 am

    Hi Danielle, Thanks for the feedback!! From other comments we have gotten regarding this show it is becoming pretty clear that it is scripted and some people are set up to fail. In reality you wouldn’t have someone train with someone that had only been on the job for a couple of days. Really, how much can someone that is technically still training teach someone who is brand new?


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