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American Idol: Lacey Brown’s Future Plans

March 22, 2010 09:39 AM by Nancy Floyd


Lacey Brown may be the first singer to be eliminated from American Idol‘s Top 12, but that’s not going to stop her from doing what she loves: making great music. The recently ousted singer discusses her elimination, her new lifelong pals, and what she plans to do next…

For any singer, being on American Idol is a dream come true. Lacey Brown’s dream came to an end, however, when she was the first singer eliminated from this season’s Top 12. Her elimination may not have come as much of a shock to viewers of the FOX singing competition, but Lacey’s still proud of the performances she gave on the show. “I definitely chose the songs I was really diggin’ and I didn’t ever sing a song that I didn’t like, or love even,” she says. “I really liked every single one of my performances — and I loved being on stage.”

Even though she’s leaving American Idol, Lacey Brown says that the friendships she’s made on the show will remain. “I’m really just going to treasure the contestants’ friendships. We’ve all grown rapidly and even though I’ve only known them a couple of months, I’m going to have very long and happy friendships with them,” Lacey says. She’s particularly close with fellow American Idol contestant, Paige Miles. “She was my roommate through a lot of this. We’re really actually very close. She’s like a new sister to me and we’ll be in each other’s lives a really long time, whether she likes it or not!”

Now that her journey on American Idol is over, Lacey Brown is going to continue to go after her dream of creating new and unique music. “I’m not just an artist that just sings one type of music. I’m going to have a definite fresh outlook on music but it will have a folky tinge to it just because I’m a Southern belle and I have a lot of roots there. It will also have an indie new fresh twist on old folk music that I think people will really enjoy and get in to. It’s going to be something you can listen to while chillin’ at home or going somewhere. I want to make some good music that people will listen to, to feel good,” she says.

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