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Dancing With The Stars Season 10 Premiere Tonight

March 22, 2010 07:29 PM by Nancy Floyd


The wait is over: ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is back! The show’s tenth season kicks off tonight with exciting and steamy dance numbers from the 11 celebrity competitors. Keep reading for more details on how stars like Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin, The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka, and Buzz Aldrin did on tonight’s show…

ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars kicks off its tenth season tonight in style. After a brief look back on the past nine seasons, co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke welcome the eleven couples competing this season. I have to momentarily avert my gaze from the blinding twinkle of sequins. Look! There’s The Bachelor‘s Vienna Girardi and Gia Allemand, joined by The Bachelorette Jillian Harris and her fiance Ed Swiderski in the crowd. Wow…Jake Pavelka has his current fiancee and two former girlfriends rooting for him. That’s not awkward at all.

The first couple hitting the dance floor on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco and two-time DWTS champion, Cheryl Burke. A brief video montage shows Chad talking about his previous dance experience (he has none except dancing in the end zone which he gets fined for by the NFL), Cheryl talking about being tough on Chad, and the pair rehearsing their cha-cha. Now, it’s time to see them perform.


Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke hit the dance floor with a high-energy cha-cha routine. Despite a little stiffness and awkwardness from Chad, the dance isn’t half bad. Len Goodman thinks Chad’s got great potential, Bruno Tonioli recognizes Chad’s talent, and Carrie Ann Inaba definitely sees a little “something something” in Chad. All three judges give Chad and Cheryl a score of 6 for a grand total of 18.

The second couple to perform on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas with the Viennese Waltz. Shannen Doherty talks about her fear of live performances while Mark does all that he can to keep her calm. On the dance floor, Shannen hides her fear well in a graceful (albeit slightly boring) performance that includes a fancy leg slide thingy. Yes, that’s the proper dancing terminology. It’s time to hear what the judges think. Bruno likens Shannen’s arm swinging to a primate (ouch), but Carrie Ann is really impressed. Len felt Shannen coped with the challenging routine well and was elegant and graceful. Shannen is moved to tears during an interview with co-host Brooke Burke as she shares how emotional it was to see her dad (who recently suffered a stroke) in the audience. Shannen and Mark also score an 18 on their routine.

ESPN Sportscaster Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are hitting the dance floor with a cha-cha routine after a humorous video clip where they bicker at one another during all their rehearsals. On the stage, once you can get past Erin’s obnoxious neon outfit and the astounding length of her legs, you’ll notice that the pair seem to connect well in a sexy performance. All three judges are impressed with Erin’s raw talent and the couple’s obvious chemistry. Erin and Maksim get scores of 7 from each judge for a high score (so far) of 21.

Now it’s time to see how well The Bachelor does with his partner, Chelsie Hightower. Not surprisingly, there are roses involved in all the video montages, including a single rose that Jake presents to Chelsie on their first meeting. Barf. The emotional video reel shows Jake questioning his abilities as a dancer and wondering if he can handle being on Dancing With the Stars while Chelsie looks as though she wants to shake him and tell him to grow a pair. Let’s see how they do. Their Viennese Waltz starts with rose petals falling from the sky and Jake presenting a rose to Chelsie, all of this set to the tune of Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose.” Wow. Ok, Dancing With the Stars producers, we get it. This guy was on The Bachelor. Let it go. There are a few missteps along the way, but Jake and Chelsie’s Viennese Waltz is actually quite beautiful and elegant. I think this is mostly due to the fact that Chelsie is such a great dancer and the focus of much of the piece. Besides, Jake’s so hot, who is even looking at his feet?! The judges are all impressed with Jake’s moves. Well, at least I think Bruno is. I’m not entirely sure if he spoke English during his critique. The scores are revealed…and it’s 20 points total for Jake and Chelsie.


Comedienne Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel are up next. According to Niecy, Louis is the yin to her yang, the ivory to her ebony. Niecy’s biggest concern about competing on Dancing With the Stars? Losing her jiggly parts. With matching gold sequins outfits on, Niecy and Louis strut their stuff with a cha-cha and seem to genuinely have fun with it. Louis sings along to the song while they perform and Niecy works the crowd. Carrie Ann loved the performance, but Len and Bruno felt like something was missing. Louis and Niecy receive a combined score of 18.

Next up it’s a Viennese Waltz with Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya. Despite being the best men’s figure skater in the world, Evan is having issues getting used to the turns in dancing. He hides it well on the dance floor though when the pair perform a graceful and charming performance. All three judges are incredibly impressed with Evan’s grace and talent, but agree that he needs to work a bit on his footwork and partnering. Even with the slight critiques, Evan and Anna earn a new high score of 23.

It’s time for a special message from the International Space Station. Hmm….I wonder who is going to perform next. Oh, it’s astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his dance pro partner, Ashly Costa. Even though Buzz is 80 years old, he doesn’t think he should be underestimated. He also calls Ashley “a really cute babe” when he first meets her and says it’s such a treat. I love this guy! I don’t care how well he dances. I’m ready to vote for him based on his adorable charm alone. Buzz and Ashly will be performing the cha-cha and Ashly is praying that Buzz will be able to remember all the moves. He’s definitely a little stiff and seems to be counting his steps during the performance, but he’s so cute in his sequins vest throwing his arms out to his sides, who really cares? Buzz gets a standing ovation from the crowd, but poor reviews from the judges. With a combined total of 14, Buzz and Ashly have the lowest score of the night.

The next couple performing on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger and her partner (and former champion) Derek Hough. As the couple practices their Viennese Waltz, Nicole has a hard time dealing with the awkward dance posture but manages to have a blast goofing off with Derek. Future couple alert! I predict that these two will be dating before week three. The stars hit the dance floor and I’m guessing this backless white dress is the most clothing Nicole’s ever worn during a dance performance in her life. The couple nails the performance and wins rave reviews from two of the judges. Len critiques them pretty harshly for their few mistakes. Despite the missteps, they still manage to earn a new high score of 25.


All My Children star Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinksa are up next for what will surely be a sexy cha-cha. Their rehearsal videos show a strong chemistry between them and a humorous side to Aiden. Just so we’re clear, Aiden is hot, British, and funny. I think I have a new crush. The performance begins with Aiden faux-howling at the moon (cheesy) and pulling off Edyta’s fur coat to reveal a sassy little barely-there white fringe dress. Aiden fumbles up his moves quite a bit, but he’s so attractive it really doesn’t matter. The judges are rather disappointed in Aiden and Edyta’s performance and only give them a score of 15.

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani are the next couple performing on ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars. Their Viennese Waltz rehearsals seem a little tense as Tony questions Kate’s desire and she questions her own ability. They take the stage and Kate looks like she’s wearing a Malibu Barbie costume. Despite the overabundance of pink and the fake smile plastered on Kate’s face, they give a decent performance. The judges agree that Kate has a long way to go, but if she’s willing to work, she has definite potential. Kate and Tony earn a score of 16.

The last couple to take the stage on tonight’s premiere of ABC‘s Dancing With the Stars is Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and new dance pro Damian Whitewood. Pamela Anderson actually comes across as rather funny, endearing, and self-deprecating in the footage from rehearsal. Damian and Pamela (decked out in a hot pink mini dress) take the stage for a steamy cha-cha. It’s a wonder Pamela can see anything through the wild tangle of hair in her face and a lot of her moves seem better suited for a stripper pole, but the couple actually presents a pretty solid routine. All three judges (and host Tom Bergeron) agree that Pamela Anderson is smoking hot. Len’s the only one who actually takes a moment to analyze her dancing which he called a mess. Pamela and Damian receive a combined score of 21.

Tune into ABC next Monday night when the Dancing With the Stars competition really begins as each couple performs the Foxtrot! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite couple to keep them in the competition! And if you don’t have a favorite, vote for Aiden Turner because he’s so freaking hot that I want to keep seeing him week after week.

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