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Amazing Race: Jeff & Jordan Talk About Being Eliminated

March 23, 2010 01:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


They may have been fan favorites on CBS‘ The Amazing Race, but Big Brother stars (and real-life couple) Jeff & Jordan couldn’t find their footing on the reality competition after a bad cab ride sent them to last place two weeks ago. They fought hard to stay in the race, but on Sunday night’s episode the adorable and hilarious couple was eliminated. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd talk about the mistakes they made along the way and whether or not they’ll return to reality TV anytime soon…

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd were certainly the most talked about couple competing on this season of CBS‘ The Amazing Race. The pair rose to fame after competing (and falling in love) on Big Brother. Although Jordan won the grand prize on Big Brother, she and boyfriend, Jeff couldn’t find victory on The Amazing Race.

The couple’s troubles started two weeks ago in Germany when they spent 40 minutes in a cab going the wrong direction. Fortunately for them, that week was a non-elimination leg of the race so they were able to save themselves. They just barely edged out competitors Joe and Heidi the following week in France, but this past Sunday they couldn’t get out of last place. The couple talks about how they knew elimination was coming. “We definitely felt it while we were running. We were in the back of the pack and whenever you’re in the back, you never know where the other teams are, so you get more stressed out. We were making wrong choice after wrong choice, more so on my part,” Jeff says. “We were hoping there would be a plane ride or a train ride so we could catch up, but there wasn’t,” Jordan adds.

Fortunately, the couple was able to remain calm throughout their mistakes on CBS‘ The Amazing Race. Unlike other couples who have emotional breakdowns and nasty arguments during every leg, Jordan and Jeff seemed to genuinely have fun even when they knew they were in last place. Of their last attempted Detour (which led to their elimination), Jordan says, “We were just out there cracking jokes. We knew it would be the end. I don’t even know how far behind the other teams we were. It was ridiculous.”

Despite being adorable and funny throughout The Amazing Race, Jordan and Jeff struggled with a number of things. “It’s a combination. We don’t pay attention to clues. We don’t read directions well. We got bad directions. I asked someone how to get to Paris, and there were three different lanes you could take. The woman goes, ‘Absolutely do not take this lane.’ So we took the other two lanes five different times, and we finally took the other one and it was right. We’re direction illiterate. None of us are Magellan or Christopher Columbus,” Jeff says.

Now that they’ve tried their hand at two CBS reality shows (Big Brother and The Amazing Race), is there more TV in their future? “I think we’re going to take a vacation from reality TV. I think people are getting sick of us, too. We need to let all parties settle down a little bit. As far as reality shows go that are on the air, I think Amazing Race is definitely top-notch. It wins Emmys and it’s the classiest way you can go reality. Jordan wants to go on the Rock Of Love Bus with Bret Michaels!” Jeff says with a laugh, adding, “I can drive the bus!”

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