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Millionaire Matchmaker: Ayinde & Will

March 23, 2010 08:20 PM by Jennifer


As if it not hard enough that she is trying to plan her own wedding, Patti Stanger must find love for 2 new clients on tonight’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, one who has a fear of commitment, and the other is totally selfish. Keep reading to see if she can make another love connection… or two.. or if someone gets themselves thrown out of the club!


Her first client, Ayinde, a radio company CEO and Volleyball player, who has had no time to find romance. He has a fear of commitment, but feels that Patti can find him what he wants. But her second new client, Will, is a 27 year old millionaire who considers himself a playboy and is very selfish and all about himself. He is also a cheater, which Patti has no tolerance for. He comes across alot of women, but Patti gives him a reality check and tells him that he is not all that, which he isn’t. He admits that he is a selfish person, but Patti thinks he is feeding her alot of bull.

Patti meets with Ayinde, and realizes that if you take away his fear of commitment, he is the perfect man, and she should have no trouble finding him love, as long as he meets with her therapist, Dr. Nikki, to discuss his phobia.

Patti goes through her database on this episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravoand finds a few women to interview for these two picky clients. She weeds out the girls who don’t have ambition or are not looking to settle down and be serious. Some of the girls who walk into her office look like they stepped off of the street corner, but she manages to find some beautiful yet sophisticated choices for a mixer for the two men. While Patti is recruiting, Ayinde meets with Dr, Nikki, and it comes out that his father was murdered when he was his age, which could show where his fears are coming from when it comes to commitment. She tells him that it is okay to think about a long, healthy future and not to compare his relationships or his future to his father’s death.

That night at the mixer, Patti sees Ayinde and tells him that most of the women she chose for the mixer are perfect for him and not for Will, the other client. But Will may never know, as he is late for the mixer!! What a way to make a first impression. I mean, I know you are the millionaire, but have some respect for Patti and those women! When he finally arrives, Patti chews him out when he says he is late because of business, which totally proves how selfish he is!!

As the millionaires mingle and see who they click with, Ayinde talks to the women about his personality and his likes, and Will spends his time talking all about himself and what he has. He turns his act around and starts to ask the women questions about themselves. As the mixer ends, Will chooses to go on a date with Nequisha, who is also serious about her career. He wants to take her on a date to Las Vegas, which he considers his home away from home, while Ayinde chose Joslyn, who is very spiritual like he is.


Ayinde takes Joslyn on a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, and then to a romantic dinner. As they fly above L.A., they discuss their past relationships, and he is happy to hear that she is looking for a long term relationship. Talking to Dr. Nikki seemed to have helped. He takes her for Moroccan food in a private room , and Joslyn asks him why he is single, and he tells her that he is now ready to settle down, not like in the past. In the middle of dinner, a belly dancer shows up, and Joslyn gets right up and dances, and so does Ayinde! That was a great ice breaker. They bring alot out in each other, and he even gets a kiss out of the deal. Patti hit the ball out of the park on this one!

Will picked up his date in a limo, and tells her to pack an overnight bag as he surprises her by telling her he is whisking her away to Vegas. She is impressed by his private jet, and he also has his personal assistant, a sophisticated looking woman, and she intimidates Nequisha. As they are in the jet, he looks like he has two dates by his side. Who does he think he is bringing another woman on their date? Can’t he leave his business home for once? Even though Patti told him not to be selfish, he still acts like a jerk by telling his date that there were woman at the mixer he found more attractive then her. I don’t care how much money he has, if that were me, he would have been out the door as soon as he introduced me to his assistant! Just a Nequisha thought they got rid of his assistant, here she comes to the table again dressed like a cheap floozie. Then Will becomes quiet. She starts to think that it is not really his assistant. They go to a club, and he is totally checking her out, and man is Nequesha pissed, to the point where she walks out.

As Patti Stanger does her follow up call with Ayinde, he is pleased to report that they got along great, and Patti told him to get on the ball and ask her on a second date, which he does, and they continue to date. But then she calls Nequisha, and finds out that Will brought his hot assistant on his date. Patti is livid, and knows that he is being sneaky, and something is going on between them. She told him that he is a liar, and revokes his membership in the club! I have never seen that happen before!! Good for her, now he has plenty of time to focus on his favorite thing: himself!

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if people fall in love, or fall out of the club!
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