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American Idol: Makeover Secrets From Season 9

March 24, 2010 11:10 AM by Nancy Floyd


American Idol is all about making stars! Season after season, audiences have the privilege of watching regular people morph into singing superstars. And anyone who faithfully watches the show knows that the physical makeovers for the contestants are just as fun and shocking to watch as their vocal performances. Clay Aiken anyone? American Idol stylists, Soyon An and Miles Siggins, talk about season 9′s Top 11 contestants and the secret to their new looks…

American Idol stylists, Soyon An and Miles Siggins, are responsible for transforming the Top 11 contestants in season 9 from average, everyday wannabes to fashionable singing superstars. And these two certainly have the experience needed for the job! Soyon An recently designed the fashions for Carrie Underwood‘s tour, while Miles Siggins has styled for stars like Brad Pitt, Ice Cube, and Michael Buble. Now the pair is taking on American Idol‘s season 9 contestants.

For the females of American Idol‘s season 9, Soyon An says, “we’re taking steps, not leaps.” For Katie Stevens, An wants to keep things “young, fresh and bubbly,” but for Siobhan Magnus, it’s all about being “quirky and different.” An describes Didi Benami as “the southern, country girl with a bohemian folk twist” and says that Crystal Bowersox is “my sentimental girl” who only wears things with sentimental meaning. For contestant Paige Miles, An says she helped the young Idol hopeful incorporate color into her wardrobe. Miles showed up to the show with only black clothes, but “now she’s into blue and green,” An says.

As for the guys of American Idol‘s season 9, Miles Siggins is enjoying changing up their looks and wardrobes. For contestant Michael Lynche, Siggins is looking to hip-hop for inspiration. “I love the way the hip-hop world is dressing up a bit more,” he says. “It’s like they’re Wall Street rappers.” With cutie Casey James, Siggins is trying to “refine his style a bit.” Siggins says he thinks Tim Urban will “end up being a bit of chameleon.” He calls Lee Dewyze “our little rocker” and likens Aaron Kelly to David Archuleta. And Siggins says, Andrew Garcia’s glasses “suit him” but the rest of his wardrobe needs to be shaken up.

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