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America’s Next Top Model: Time To Dance!

March 24, 2010 08:57 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight on America’s Next Top Model, the eleven remaining models go head-to-head in a dance-inspired photo shoot, but first they must face a former Top Model contestant for a fashion industry quiz with a BIG reward for the winner. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode and to find out what model was sent packing…

Tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model starts with the models returning to the loft after the most recent elimination which sent Nadua home. Brenda and Ren are worried about how close they were to being eliminated and realize it’s time for them to step it up. Fortunately, there’s new Tyra mail that reads “Ur fashion knowledge can really take you places. Or maybe not.” Tyra may have a lot of fashion knowledge, but I think she needs help in the spelling department.

America's Next Top Model

The next morning, the girls board the “fab bus” and are joined by previous America’s Next Top Model contestant, Toccara Jones who will be quizzing the models on their knowledge of the fashion industry. The ladies are divided into a red team and a blue team. The first team to get five points gets to go on a go-see with the creative director and CEO of Bluefly.com. The winner of the go-see will be featured in Bluefly’s spring campaign in addition to receiving a $2500 gift card. Since Raina won last week’s photo shoot, she is serving as Toccara’s assistant and automatically gets to join the winning team for the go-see.

The red team starts out with a huge lead, but the blue team comes back for a surprising victory. The five models from the blue team (plus Raina) head to Bluefly.com and walk for the CEO and creative director. Meanwhile, the ladies from the losing team have to do inventory at Bluefly.com. After each of the models from the blue team meet with Bluefly’s creative director and CEO, Simone is declared the winner of the challenge.

Back at the apartment, the girls are having issues with Brenda. They feel that she’s too bossy and motherly which leads to a good old-fashioned gossip session. When Ren tells Brenda the mean things the other girls were saying (namely that she looks like a Chucky doll….ouch!), Brenda is hurt and seeks comfort from the other girls. In typical America’s Next Top Model fashion, that leads to a blow-up between Brenda and Anslee. Ren is having a hard time coping with all of the drama and talks about wanting to leave the house. I’d feel sorry for her but has she never watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model before coming on the show? When you have 13 girls, all vying for the same thing, competing with one another, who have not eaten more than a few carrot sticks in the past couple of years, the only thing you’re going to get is drama.

America's Next Top Model

The next morning brings new Tyra mail for the girls that says, “Top models always need 2 b in step. Luv, Tyra.” I have a message for Tyra: you’re not a 13-year old girl. Stop writing like one. The models meet up with Jay Manuel for a photo shoot inspired by dance. Each model will be representing a different genre of dance. Fortunately, Jay brought dance expert Troy Powell to the set to teach the girls a few things about their assigned styles of dance.

Many of the girls falter during the shoot as they struggle to incorporate dance into their photo while still keeping their high fashion look. Jay is bored with Ren, exasperated with Brenda, and disappointed with Simone. Meanwhile Alexandra, Raina, and Alasia excel in their shoots and impress Jay.

America's Next Top Model

Now it’s time for the 11 remaining models to face the judges. Joining Tyra Banks (who is wearing a hideous nude-colored spacesuit), Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley on the judging panel is Sean Patterson, president of Wilhemena Models. Overall, the photos on tonight’s America’s Next Top Model brought mixed reviews from the judges. The frontrunners were clearly Alasia and Raina. Brenda, Anslee, and Ren however failed to impress the judges. Ren’s time in front of the judges is made worse when she starts blaming her poor performance on the drama in the house. The judges question her desire to be in the competition to which she halfheartedly replies that she really wants to be here. Don’t sound so convincing, Ren.

America's Next Top Model

After the judges deliberate, Tyra Banks steps in front of the crowd to deliver the news. The best photo of the night is awarded to Alasia. The bottom two girls are Brenda and Ren. As the two models stand before Tyra, Ren opens up about her real reason for doing the show. She’s trying to win her mom’s approval. The judges planned to send Ren home regardless, giving Brenda another week on America’s Next Top Model. Not surprisngly, Ren’s not too heartbroken about being sent home since her time on the show helped her discover that modeling is “not really her cup of tea.”

Next week on America’s Next Top Model, the girls must compete in a Cover Girl challenge in Times Square and must pose as vampires in the photo shoot.

Stay tuned for that episode next Wednesday at 8 PM ET on America’s Next Top Model only on the CW Network.

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