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Ghost Hunters: Lighthouse Echoes

March 24, 2010 07:49 PM by Ryan Haidet


It was all about New Jersey phantoms on tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters.  First up, the TAPS team went to Atlantic City to search for spirits at a haunted lighthouse.  After that, they investigated stories of spooks at a house where the author of “The Red Badge Of Courage” once lived.

Roto-Rooter Rant

The episode opened up with Jason and Grant getting a phone call about a haunted location as they worked their day job as plumbers for Roto-Rooter.  OK, I have to ask.  After five seasons of this show being successful, does anybody buy for one second that these guys still work as plumbers?  I sure don’t.  Production on this show likely swallows up so much of their time — not to mention all of their travel — that still working with Roto-Rooter seems ridiculous.  It’s probably still showcased simply as an advertisement by the Roto-Rooter, and it also keeps Jason and Grant in the image of regular, everyday guys with normal jobs.


Sorry for the rant, I just think this is tired and silly.  Nobody believes the Roto-Rooter gig anymore, which raises a credibility concern regarding the show.  If we can’t believe these guys are who they are portrayed to be, how can we believe any paranormal evidence they gather?  I guess that’s for you to judge.


Absecon Lighthouse

The TAPS team arrived at the lighthouse, which is said to be the third-tallest in the nation.  Some people have claimed to hear voices coming from the top of the lighthouse with others smelling cigar smoke and seeing doors that close on their own.  But that’s not all — the typical reports of footsteps resonating have also been reported.

After setting up their equipment, the TAPS team shut the lights out and started their investigation.  Jason and Grant were walking up the spiral staircase doing an EVP session when they heard sounds above them.  Without finding the source, Jason and Grant kept egging the spirit on, challenging it to give a significant sign of its presence.  Seconds later, distinct noises echoed above them again.  But once they got to the top of the lighthouse, Jason and Grant realized the wind was likely to blame for the sounds they had been hearing.  With that, they ruled out anything paranormal with the sounds they heard.


Just like other team members, Amy and Kris started hearing sounds above them in the staircase.  When they got to the top of the lighthouse, they were stunned at how strong the wind was, which made it really tough to hear anything else.

After analyzing their evidence, Jason and Grant returned to the lighthouse to reveal the results to their lackluster investigation.  The only interesting thing they captured was a camera that slightly moved on its own.  But it was nothing great.  Paranormal?  I don’t think so.

Author’s Haunting

Up next was the Stephen Crane house, also in New Jersey.  Crane, who is best known for penning “The Red Badge Of Courage” once called the old house his own.  Some people claim spotting full-bodied apparitions, hearing sounds of crying and having an overall creepy feeling inside the house.


After their typical tour, the TAPS team went lights out and started their investigation.  Using their new full spectrum camera, Jason and Grant walked through the historical house when they heard a loud bang.  Jason thought it sounded like a door closing, but they never actually determined a cause.

After analyzing all of the evidence, Jason and Grant went back to the house to reveal what they had captured — and there was one creepy audio clip.  It was the sound of somebody singing in the distance as Steve and Tango walked through the house.  At the time the audio was recorded, Steve and Tango say they didn’t hear anything.

Again, nothing spectacular with tonight’s episode.

I think my house may have some plumbing problems — I should call Jason and Grant.  Oh wait…nevermind.  They’re only good for ghosts now.

Image courtesy of SyFy.

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