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Shear Genius: The Final Four & Linda Wells

March 24, 2010 08:31 PM by Jennifer


We are cutting it close as it is down to the final four contestants on this week’s episode of Shear Genius on Bravo. Just when I thought the competition was getting serious, two of the stylists decide to air their opinion about each other… in front of the judges! Keep reading to find out more!


In the shortcut challenge, host Camila Alves reveals three categories to the contestants; tools, model, technique and inspiration. The contestants must draw scissor boxes to determine the picking order, and Jon draws number one. What Camila didn’t tell them was that they are picking for the stylist to their left, who for Jon happens to be Brig. He picks sponge rollers, Paris, and finger waves for her. Then Brig picks for Janine, and with sarcasm gives her a crimper, a mullet and a rainbow as inspiration, and Janine looks happy, knowing Brig is getting a laugh out of this. Then Janine picks for her buddy Matthew, and gives him a flat iron, braids and an island as his inspiration. Jon ends up with a curling iron, bangs and a disco ball as his inspiration.

As the challenge begins on tonight’s Shear Genius on Bravo, Brig starts off by cutting off alot of her models hair, which Janine said was totally unnecessary. In the meantime, Janine is dying her model’s hair rainbow colors with extensions. As the clock runs down, each stylist looks desperate to complete a decent look with what they had to work with.

Judges Mark Townsend, Celebrity Stylist and Linda Wells, Editor in chief of Allure magazine, go over each stylists work, saying that Janine’s mullet was more like a pixie look then the rainbow mullet she was trying to achieve. They point out to Brig that not only did she not need to cut her models hair, but she botched her color as well.  But when the judges point it out, Brig plays stupid and denies seeing anything, which was pretty disrespectful to the judges. Matthew also did a good job, but the judges picked Jon as the winner, and gives him an advantage at the elimination challenge.  They named Brig as the loser for spending too much time coloring and cutting and not enough time on the style.  Janine makes a comment under her breath, and she and Brig get into a fight, and Janine said Bryan should not have been eliminated the week before, and Brig should have gone home. Brig gets really mad and goes back to the contestants apartment and doesn’t speak to anyone.  Janine and Matthew, who Brig have named the Wonder Twins, are clearly buddies and are rooting for each other.

The next day, they arrive at the elimination challenge which is a professional photo shoot.  The contestants have to show off their updated versions of famous movie hairstyles. Since Jon has the advantage and he chooses the model who has Audrey Hepburn‘s style from the movie Charade. Janine chooses the Gwyneth Paltrow style from Shakespeare in Love, and Brig chooses Bo Derek braids from the movie Ten.  Matthew draws last, and ends up with Dolly Parton from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.


As the two hour challenge begins, Jon wants to cut his models hair into a bob, which she refuses. Janine has fun with her model, and Matthew is struggling a bit when he second guesses what he wants to do with his model. Jon colored his models hair for the second time with only two minutes left on the clock! Talk about cutting it close!  Alot of the stylists incorporate braids into their hairstyles.  This is for a shoot with the Editor in Chief of Allure Magazine. Linda Wells watching. She joins judges Kim Vo and Jonathan Antin. They need to go big or go home!

Janine is given a little direction with her hairstyle from the photographer, and Brig is next.  The judges like her braids, but she totally screwed up the back of the hairstyle, so she decides to dump water on it and soak the hair, which totally worked.  Matthew’s updated bouffant made the judges think he actually had Daisy Duke and not Dolly Parton.  Jon’s model has an updo that is very modern, and he is very nervous and is about to throw up. He seems ot be the only one really nervous realizing that it will be down to three in a few minutes.

As the judges take a closer look at Jon’s hairstyle, the judges say his color was stunning. As far as Matthew’s hairstyle, it was a little too sexy, but the judges liked it just the same.  The judges loved Janine’s hairstyle, and how she handled the pressure on the set.  Brig’s braids made her unhappy, because the back of the style was a mess, but she was saved by the bottle of water she dumped on her model’s hair.

As the judges deliberate, Brig sits alone as the other contestants talk about how nervous they all were. When the judges call them back in, they announce Janine and Matthew are going to the top three, and Matthew has won the challenge. It came down to Brig and Jon, and they each got a chance to defend themselves before elimination by saying why the other should go home on this episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.  Jon said Brig struggled alot, and Brig said that Jon did a good job, and she would send herself packing. In the end, the judges decide that no one must go! No elimination tonight folks!  Let’s see what surprises are in store next week! See you after the show.

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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