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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Big Move, Big Blindside

March 24, 2010 08:52 PM by Ryan Haidet


After nearly two weeks without a fresh episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, the island drama returned with an outstanding hour proving why it’s still the reality giant.  A brewing feud between Boston Rob and Russell surfaced early as a twist in the game sent both tribes to Tribal Council.  And it was during the first Tribal Council in which a castaway made one of the boldest moves in Survivor history.

Straight To The Challenge

But first, day 15 at the Heroes camp, Colby was wondering how James was going to fare in the challenges with his hurt leg.  Well, we were quickly about to find out.


Without wasting much time, both tribes arrived at the two-part individual Immunity challenge.  That’s right — individual.  Since both tribes were going to be voting somebody out, each player was competing against their own group for individual Immunity.

It was a giant rope maze challenge with each person attached to the rope, which was wound through a series of obstacles.  The first person to squirm to the end of the course would win Immunity.


The Heroes were up first as they twisted and turned through the course hoping to win the Immunity necklace.  With JT right on her heels, Candice quickly won the race and claimed Immunity.  James winced through the pain during the challenge, but never gave up.  Colby was in dead last.

The Villains were up next.  Boston Rob, Russell and Tyson were squirming through the challenge very fast as Jerri and Sandra were both struggling.  Boston Rob quickly pulled ahead and won Immunity.


But the challenge wasn’t over there.  Candice and Boston Rob both squared off in a championship round for Reward.  Whomever got through the rope maze first would win a Reward of hot dogs and soda, which they would eat at Tribal Council in front of the other tribe.

Boston Rob won yet again.

True Target

Back at the Villains camp, most of the group agreed to target Parvati for the upcoming elimination.  In a well-planned scheme to flush out the Idol, Boston Rob warned Russell that he was a target at Tribal Council.  He told Russell that if he didn’t have it in his possession yet that he better go find it.  But Survivor‘s mastermind realized what Boston Rob was trying to do, which led him to believe Parvati was the real target.  So Russell devised a plan of his own to give the Idol to Parvati and toss a few votes Tyson’s way.


At the Heroes camp, Colby was disappointed about how bad he did in the challenge — even James outperformed him.  When the group gathered around the shelter, Colby told everybody there was no need for last-minute scrambling since he knew he was the next person on the chopping block.  C’mon, Colby.  Don’t just accept defeat like this.  What a wimpy move.

James was surprised that Colby was so easy to give up — but not so fast.  Rupert, JT, Amanda and Candice were talking about the best move for them to take at Tribal Council.  They were concerned that keeping James around would only hurt the strength of their tribe.


So Amanda pulled James aside and told him he needed to prove to the rest of the tribe that he can still run.  Moments later, James and JT squared off in a race on the beach — and JT easily won it running backward.  As Homer Simpson would say — “D’oh!”

Back at the Villains camp, Boston Rob’s plan was set in motion.  He wanted three people to vote for Russell and three to vote for Parvati.  It was a fail-safe plan — if everybody held true to their word.

But before heading to Tribal Council, Russell pulled Tyson aside and said since there was nothing he could do to save Parvati that he would be voting her out so he could stay with the majority.  Tyson thought this made the perfect opportunity for him to flip his vote and go against Parvati, too, to avoid a potential tie vote between she and Russell.  That would guarantee her elimination if he played the Idol to save himself.  Right?

Wow! Simply Wow!

At Tribal Council, the Villains arrived first and talked about how much the game has changed over the years.  Boston Rob said the most significant difference since he last played is the hidden Immunity Idol.  Sandra called Russell out instantly and told him if he didn’t have the Idol like everybody expects that he better start looking for it soon.

After the votes were cast, Russell stood and walked over to host Jeff Probst to play the Idol.  But he didn’t play it at all.  Instead he turned and gave a short speech to his tribe about keeping his word to allies.  He then gave the Idol to Parvati.  She was now safe from elimination.

Uh oh…

As Probst read the votes, most were against Parvati — but since she was safe with the Idol, Tyson ended up getting eliminated.  And if you think about it, Tyson essentially voted himself out inadvertently since he swapped his vote and placed his ballot against Parvati.  Whoops.  As his torch was snuffed, the rest of the tribe looked exceptionally stunned.  What an incredible moment!  Russell truly is an amazing player.  You may not like the guy.  You may not like how much CBS showcases him.  But you have to admit — he’s damn good!


Hot Dogs & Heroes

As the Villains moved off to the side and started to chow down on hot dogs and soda, the Heroes arrived at Tribal Council.  With grumbling stomachs, the Heroes looked on as their opponents stuffed their faces while a thunderstorm rumbled in.  This was a much tamer Tribal Council than we have seen from the Heroes all season long.  The only thing that actually happened was James argued for his safety saying Colby has played a disappointing game so far — even comparing Colby to Superman as a guy in a fat suit.  But it didn’t matter, his tribe disagreed (finally) and ousted James.


As he hobbled down the stairs, JT told James to have a shot for them, which he responded by saying he would be good and drunk within the next five minutes.

What a great way to roar back into the season!

Images courtesy of CBS.

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