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Models Of The Runway: Decisions

March 25, 2010 09:30 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, one of the girls gets an offer she just can’t refuse…or can she? Will we even have an elimination this week, or will one girl walk away? Keep reading for all the details!

After Anthony’s sad goodbyes on Models of the Runway on Lifetime, Kristina is worried that she may be going home this week. However, Valeria has news for the models…she was given an offer from DKNY and she is unsure whether or not she should take it. She cannot do both and she knows if she does take it, it will save the rest of the girls from being eliminated this week.

Heidi sends the models for a day out in New York City to take some pictures, hoping to give the girls some experience catching their good light and poses. After the day out, Cerri, Brandise and Kristina go out for drinks. They all agree that they will be in the bottom three this week. The girls all try to influence Valeria to take the job obviously so no one will have to go home, but ultimately it is her decision alone.


Then it comes to elimination time on Models of the Runway on Lifetime and when asked if she had made her decision, Valeria breaks down in tears, tells Seth how wonderful he is and then tells everyone that she would love to stay and work with him since she knows he is going to win…..we’ll have to wait and see I guess. Heidi reminds her however, that Seth may not be working with her if someone else scoops her up first.

Emilio is the first one up and he looks right past Valeria and takes Lorena. Seth, luckily is next and takes Valeria again, and Jay scoops up Brittany again as well. Maya is up next and she chooses Monique again and then it is Jonathan’s turn. After stating how he and the judges have different opinions on designing for Cerri’s body, he tells Cerri that he will be going with Brandise this week. Mila, who is last up, has to choose between Kristina and Cerri, and she chooses Kristina.
Best of luck Cerri!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 11 PM EST for a brand new episode of Models of the Runway. See you after the show!

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